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10 Must Have Hospital Bag Items

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

For all of you new moms out there, the hospital bag is one of the things you want to make sure you’ve done right because you don’t 100% what to expect and you want to be prepared. You can follow the lists that you find on the baby sites that tell you what to pack in your hospital bag, but I followed those, too and still wasn’t completely prepared! The list below is what I recommend you pack in your hospital bag for all of you new moms and what I will be packing my next go-round when baby #2 comes along! Some things that I had were PERFECT, others I could have done without and it was just extra weight carrying around that wasn’t even needed, and then there were things I wish I had with me but didn’t. Based on this, the below are the best items to have in order to make your hospital bag PERFECT and BABY READY!!!

1. Your Own Night Gown

If you can find a night gown that will allow access to the monitors, you may be able to wear your own gown instead of the hospital gowns. I absolutely hated the hospital gowns, but when I realized what all was actually happening, I really didn’t want the gown I packed to get messed up. With that being said, pack a gown that you actually dislike. Things get real messy in childbirth!!!

2. Body Wash/Soap (other hygiene products)

This is common sense, but still a must-have and a LIFE SAVER! Grab your favorite body wash or bar soap and really enjoy that first shower after giving birth! I a brought a big bar of lemon scented soap and even though I LOVE baths and couldn’t take one, that soap just made that shower just as soothing! Grab things with scents that will calm and relax you. You want to feel refreshed, relaxed and CLEAN after that first shower! You also want to feel somewhat at home, in other words in your comfort zone. For all of you brand new moms-to-be, this is a very new experience and having something that is familiar and brings you to your HAPPY PLACE is what you will need! Be sure to include towels, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, facial wash, etc.

3. Birthing Tools

These are the things like your birthing ball and tennis balls and rice socks! Bring your comfort items to help with the labor and to feel relaxed. When labor contractions started to hit me really strongly, sitting on the birthing ball and leaning forward over the bed felt so wonderful, and it helped relieved the discomforts. Bring the things that work for you and USE them while in labor. YOU are the one birthing out this baby, YOU should be comfortable (as comfortable as you can get)!!!

4. Socks/Slippers

The hospital may provide you with socks, but bring slippers also because the socks may keep your feet from coming into direct contact with the floor that’s probably freezing, but when walking to help push labor along, pillowy-soft slippers really come in handy!!!

5. Comb/Brush

You may be that person that can give birth and still be FLAWLESS. If that’s you, AWESOME! But for the rest of us, bring a comb and/or brush to set those wandering hairs back in place. Especially because of number 10 below!

6. Snacks

The hospital provides meals through the day, but in between, you want snacks or cash to grab snacks from the vending machines. Don’t forget to send dear dad to pick up carry outs!

7. Going Home Outfit

Pack something comfortable to come home in. Consider the weather around your due date. When you get home, you are going to want to relax and enjoy being home for the first time with your new baby! Relax! You have plenty of time to be cute!

8. Flip Flops

These are very handy when taking showers.

9. Baby Memory Book

I am so glad I came across this advice! Make sure you get a baby book for memories and pack it in your hospital bag. You can begin documenting those first special moments right from the start. Plus, the nurses may mind even placing the baby’s foot and handprints in the book for you! They already take the footprints, so they can add another set in your book!

10. Photo Outfit

This is one I wish I knew about! I didn’t realize that when they take the baby’s first photos at the hospital that it may include YOU! I was not ready! I didn’t even realize they came in while you were at the hospital to take pictures! I don’t know what I was thinking! I was not ready, I was not prepared, and I think it was a mess! This is where that comb and/or brush comes in handy also! So, in planning for photos on your newborn, think about what you want to wear, do you want to coordinate with baby, do you want props? Don’t be like me! Be ready and ROCK those newborn photos! After all, you’re a NEW MOM! You have a brand new glow!! Let it show!!!

Now, while these things are great and will make your hospital stay very comfortable (as comfortable as it’s going to be after just having a baby!), you will also need a bag for your new baby. You may be able to pack baby’s things inside your bag, but I figure this will be a great time to get ahead on packing that diaper bag and getting it ready for a year of traveling with baby! In your baby’s bag, you will want to pack the following items to prepare for baby’s stay in the hospital…

1. Onesies

2. 2 Pairs of Booties

3. Burp Cloths

4. Blankets

5. Going Home Outfit

6. Pacifier

7. Baby Brush

8. 2 Pairs Of Mittens

9. Nursing Pillow

10. Photo Outfit

The hospital may or may not have the following items:

1. Socks

2. Pads

3. Snacks/food

4. Water

5. Baby’s onesies

6. Diapers

7. Wipes

I hope this post has been helpful! If it has, be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE!!!

Have a Super Day!

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