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30 Day Abs Challenge: Wk 1

As I wrapped up my weight loss challenge (11 weeks, lost 9lbs), I started planning for my next challenge and focus: my abs. Weight loss went slowly because I’m not really wanting to lose weight that bad. I want to lose enough to get back into my wedding ring and that’s actually it. I mostly want to lose the belly fat. I want my six-pack back. It’s still there, it’s just hidden behind all of the pregnancy leftovers! The challenge now is getting rid of it. I have learned so far that belly fat is STUBBORN!!! I did not realize it was this hard to get rid of it.

Sometimes, it even grows when you’re trying to lose it! I think this week mine actually grew, but it’s more than likely just bloating since my monthly cycle has returned! We will see the results of this week’s challenge below in the stats. First, let’s talk about what I did this week…

Waist Trainer

I have been using a waist trainer for about a month now, and honestly, I can see the potential, but I think I need a different one. The one I have has the heating band that goes around your waist and then the belt that goes around that. The size I have may be too small or since pregnancy, my waist just may be too soft. The problem is that it rolls up and bunches up right in the center of my waist and starts to dig into my sides. With it rolling up, it ruffles up under my clothes making it obvious to see. Not fun. Not comfortable. I tried wearing the belt backwards so that the wider side is covering more of my belly, but it still does the same thing. What I love about it is it does give my abs the resistance it needs through the day to help tighten them back up, which is what I wanted. I just would like the comfort, too. I have a picture below of my waist training belt. I ordered it on Groupon for $22 (original price $79). It works like it should, I just have the wrong size! I like the idea of a waist trainer in order to help tone the abs while continuing on with a normal schedule. Retrain my abs to tighten through everyday activities. Once I get a different size, I will definitely update on how it goes!


I was surprised with a gift from my mom just the other day, and it was a FitBit! First of all, the only thing I knew about these things was that they counted steps. But wow! They do SO MUCH MORE!!! It not only counts steps, but it calculates miles, calories, minutes of activity, days of working out, and sleep patterns!!! You can set goals for steps, calories, activeness, water, and sleep! I have a meal plan set up and a goal for my water intake. I also have a goal set for my sleep since I feel I don’t get much sleep, and it will notify me when it’s time to get ready for bed. I can log in the food I eat through the day and it will add in the calories to my stats. I will say that eating 3 cinnamon rolls for breakfast is probably not a good idea! It put me in the red and I only have 210 calories left for the day to stay within my meal plan goals! Wow! Big eye opener. The FitBit not only helps me keep track of my health and fitness, but helps me understand WHY certain things are not the best thing to eat and why serving sizes are important. I plan to use this little tool reach my weight loss goal and my abs challenge goal. My mom got herself one, too, and I also have a student that has one, so my competitiveness has kicked in and we are all going to push each other to our goals! Let’s do this!!!

30 Day Abs Challenge App

My 30 abs challenge is coming from the app with the same name: the 30 Day Abs Challenge app. It gives you a list of exercises for each day targeted to the abs. There is a place to look up what each exercise is and how to do it, you can set reminders each day to remind you to do your workout, and there are different levels you can complete. My mom and I found out that there are also rest days (not workout for that day). Right now, I am working in the Beginner Level 1. There’s a level 1 & 2 for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance. So, that’s six different levels, 30 days each! 180 days to abs awesomeness!!! (lol)

Well, this week, the exercises included things like sit ups, crunches, leg raises and planks. Before starting, I could ONLY do crunches. My sit ups looked like crunches, planks made me scream, and leg raises? What leg raises?!?! After one week, I’ve made adjustments and I can complete ALL of the workouts! I use a dumbbell with my sit ups and I can complete full sit ups now! Instead of doing leg raises from the floor to straight up, I lean my legs on the couch and raised them from there. It works great and once my core is stronger, I will move back to raising them from the floor. My planks just got better the more I did them. After doing these exercises a few days, you can really feel the burn and it is AWESOME!!! It has been a while since I felt my abs burn, so I know it’s working! There are also other apps you can download to target your goal areas: 30 Day Fitness, 30 Day Push Ups, 30 Day Squats, 30 Day Butt, etc.

Stats/Goals (37in/30in)

Abs Beginning Stats: 37 in.

Abs Challenge Week 1: 36 in. No Way!!! =D

Abs Challenge Goal: 30 in.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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