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30 Day Abs Challenge: Wk 2

This past week of the 30 day abs challenge has been another week of learning. I’ve figured out why my weight loss was so slow thanks to the FitBit. After logging in my meals and tracking my activeness, I can use the FitBit app to see my calorie intake each day and the calories burned each day. Well, I have to admit that my calorie intake is very close to, and sometimes over, the calories burned! Now that I see how my diet and working out are affecting my weight loss, I have a better idea of what to do, and the FitBit does a great job of helping me track all of it!

As for my abs, I got behind a little this week on the challenge, but caught back up. Each day the exercises get tougher and tougher. I was using, and still is, modifications for some of the exercises, for example, using dumbbells with sit ups. Since doing that and the exercises getting tougher, I can actually do a few sit ups all on my own now without using the dumbbell. So, I try to do as many as I can without the dumbbells and then do the rest with the dumbbell.

I even had my husband here one night to push me to keep going. When I tell you the exercises get tough, they get tough. Think 15 sit ups one day, then 20 the next, and then 25 the next day! Now, if you try this and really struggle to do some of the exercises, I would suggest letting each day count for a week. For example, day 1 could be week 1 and for that whole week, you do the day 1 exercises each day. This will help you work your way up to doing more and more of each exercise.


Abs Beginning Stats: 37 in.

Abs Challenge Week 1: 36 in.

Abs Challenge Week 2: 36 in.

Abs Challenge Goal: 30 in.

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Amy McCutcheon

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