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30 Day Abs Challenge: Wks 3-4 Final Results

In this post, I will share my abs results from weeks 3 and 4. After completing the abs challenge for 30 days, I must say there is a difference already! I probably would have had more results if I didn’t have those lazy days or those extremely exhausting days where I skipped the workouts. I did, however, make up the missed days so that I could stay caught up for the most part.

Part of my low motivation is, of course, the laziness and being too tired from a never-ending to-do list. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way or deals with the same thing! Well, I am here to say that despite all of that, we can still reach our healthy body goals! Even if it takes us a little longer than the women that working out is effortless for. Those are the women I want to be like, and I used to be, but I see that I will have to work my way back to that. And it’s OKAY!

After completing the 30 day abs challenge, I actually lost 3 inches off my tummy! That’s amazing!! I can even see my six-pack coming back in to view!! This is awesome! But I have to say, I did NOT follow the 30 abs challenge app exactly. By the second week, I was really starting to struggle because the workouts were getting too hard too fast instead of gradually building me to those more difficult workouts. Jumping from 20 sit-ups to 25 to 30 to 35 to 45 was TOO MUCH!!! I couldn’t even do ONE sit-up on my own before I started and in 8 days it expects me to do 45???!!!! Too much!

This started to chip away at my confidence, my motivation, and my hope. I started to feel a little like I just couldn’t do it and would never get back in shape, and I dreaded the idea of workout because I didn’t want to struggle. For me, working out used to be fun and challenging. I would push myself, work towards my goals each day, and built a body that I LOVED! Now, it is such a struggle, when you follow other people’s rules. I find that when you give yourself your own rules, your own goals, you do better. And that’s what I did.

I really like the 30 day abs challenge app, but even the beginner was too much for me. I like that it gives you a guide each day, because sometimes, we want to work out but don’t know what exactly to do. I like that this app gives you the exercises each day to work on towards your focus area goal (abs). It even gives you rest days and workout explanations. As I mentioned, what I don’t like is the amount to do when you really haven’t reached the ability to complete that many reps yet. My solution? Listen to your body. Do what you can, and then push yourself to do a little more. I always used to like to work out until I felt the burn, then when I felt the burn, do 10 more…and stop. As I got better, I would work out beyond the burn until I felt I just couldn’t do anymore, and then push myself to do 5 more beyond that! Then stop.

I got the best results when I didn’t struggle, but when I was in control and pushed myself. I pushed myself based on how my body felt at that moment. I pushed myself based on what I was capable of doing. I didn’t struggle through something because an app said to do 45. So, to continue through the challenge, I did the exercises on the app each day, BUT I did my own amount and added what I could each day. Some days I could only add 1 more each day. Some days I just worked at the same number.

If I were to give suggestions:

Step 1-I would start with as many reps as you can possibly do and make a note of how many you can actually do at the most.

Step 2- Each day, add one more rep.

Step 3- If that’s too much, add one rep each week.

Remember, you want to tone up, shape up, feel great, and look great! Not kill yourself or send yourself into the deepest of deep depression and failure.

Do what works for you, not what works for others. You may be setting yourself up for a letdown, because it may be too hard or maybe even too easy. If you do a workout and you don’t burn or anything, it’s time to turn it up a notch! (Just a notch, though! Based on YOUR capabilities!!!)

When I started the 30 day abs challenge, I mentioned the Fitbit in the first week. It is an AWESOME tool to stay active and get you used to moving and tracking your health! You can read my full tutorial here to see how it all works!

I will be continuing the abs challenge and moving on to the next levels. I will post updates after each month to share my progress! After I’ve completed the entire challenge, I will go back complete the challenge as it is because by then I should be ready to add 5 sit-ups each day to my work out! It’s all about doing what you can and working your way up to your goals. Push yourself, not force yourself. Better yet, DARE yourself to be SUPER!!!

So, set your own goals, workout within your own capabilities, and use tools that will help promote your fitness success!



Abs Beginning Stats: 37 in.

Abs Challenge Week 1: 36 in.

Abs Challenge Week 2: 36 in.

Abs Challenge Week 3: 35 in.

Abs Challenge Week 4: 34in.

Abs Challenge Goal: 30 in.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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