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4 Simple But Effective Fitness Tools

I know that many people have so many things that they use when working out, but I like to keep my fitness equipment simple, but effective. Here are the simple but effective fitness tools that I use and how I use them!

Resistance Band

These are great for strength workouts! You can use them for your arms, your legs, and even your back! I started using these because of my back. I did certain strength workouts for my back while in physical therapy (I have scoliosis and need additional help dealing with pain). I was told by my physical therapist to get a resistance band and continue the workouts at home. This was actually the most effective strength workout for my back along with the stretches. I just wrap the band around a pole or rail and pull both ends to my sides and then ease it back out. This strengthened by back muscles which eased my back pain!


I used these to strengthen my arms, of course, but they also come in handy when I struggle with sit-ups. I just outstretch my arms, holding the dumbbell, and complete my sit-ups. Without the dumbbell, my sit-ups would only look like crunches!!!

Exercise Ball

I got my exercise ball during pregnancy. It was great for preparing for labor and delivery, being able to rotate my pelvic area. It’s great for doing sit-ups on, balancing (which helps strengthen the core), and it’s a great chair!! To be able to sit down and still get movement in through the day is awesome! Just as the dumbbell helps with my sit-ups, so does the exercise ball! Outstretch your arms, holding the ball, and complete your sit-ups! Easy as that!


This tool does a lot of work FOR YOU! Sometimes we don’t work out like we should because we don’t realize how lazy, unmotivated, or unaware we are. The Fitbit helps you keep track of your movement throughout the day (steps), exercise, weight loss goals, eating habits, sleeping habits, and your water intake! All in one little cute watch!!! You can set reminders and even compete with friends to push yourself even more to be active and get moving!!! I needed a Fitbit in my life a long time ago!

Order your Fitbit today and get fit!!! Sign up below so we can be Fitbit friends!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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