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5 Best Baby Items Every New Mom Must Have

Since AJ has been born, there are some baby items that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and just had to share!!! This post is all about the best baby items ALL new moms should have!!! Some of these items I didn’t find through baby sites or registry suggestions. I found some of these on my own all because I wanted them and looked to see if they were available and they were!!!

1. Baby Scale

I am the type of person that can’t sit still until I know all of the details (of things I’m interested in) and knowing my baby’s weight (at ALL times) is one of them! I didn’t want to wait until doctor appointments to find out my baby’s weight. While AJ was very little, he was too small to put on a regular bathroom scale, plus I’m not putting my NEWBORN on that thing!!! I wanted a scale like at the doctor’s offices. One that’s made for infants. So, I looked them up and the baby stores did not carry them except online. I found one at a good price (around $45). I chose this particular one because it’s not only an infant weighing scale, but a toddler scale also! So, when AJ gets older and can stand and walk, I can remove the infant basket and he can stand on the scale for me to check his weight! With AJ being 8 months old now and VERY active, I have him SIT on the scale and I still get an accurate reading. This scale is also digital so it is easy to read. You can change the measurement system from pounds to kilograms depending on where you are from. This item is DEFINITELY worth the $45 because I will be able to use this scale as AJ grow into a toddler and heavy enough to be measured on a regular scale! Plus, when I have more children, this scale will have YEARS and YEARS of use!!!

I check AJ’s weight every week and measure his length every month. I monitor his weight each week to not only make sure he is gaining properly, but to keep an idea of a baby’s progress as they develop. With AJ breastfeeding, his weight tends to fluctuate at times and I also can tell when he’s having a growth spurt because I can see his weight progression and his diet. A quick increase in his weight usually aligns with his appetite picking up. Now that he’s VERY active and crawling all over the place, his weight has leveled off for the time being. I like being able to keep track of this, plus it gives me peace of mind.

2. Push Walker

I originally got AJ a traditional walker because he was getting to be very mobile and when working late after work (in my classroom), I needed AJ to be occupied and still entertained, but not in harms way. A walker was my solution. The problem was that AJ rather be in my lap than in a walker. I thought it would be great for him to practice walking, but he didn’t want to be confined. Even though he could move around, he may have still felt like he was trapped and wasn’t really free to move around like he really wants. Overall, the traditional walker didn’t go over as well as I thought it would. So, then I saw the push walker in the store. I thought I’d give it a try.

I wanted the push walker because AJ would still have his “freedom” and it he could also play with it while NOT walking! I bought the walker and the assembly was easy. I just needed the strength of my husband to screw in all of the screws for the wheels! Once it was together, we let AJ test it out and HE TOOK OFF!!! Yeah, I really believe AJ will go straight to running! AJ really likes the walker and he has the freedom to get down and just crawl if he likes. I’ve even seen him practice pulling up with the push walker! AJ will sit and play with the buttons and other fun baby gadgets. It plays music every time the walker is moved. So, that means if you bump it right after you just put baby to sleep in the crib, the music (and little singing zebra) will automatically start! This has happened to me SEVERAL times!!! But good thing there is an OFF switch!!! As the music plays though, I like that it sings the abc’s and 123’s and about walking and taking steps! Very educational and encouraging! I love this toy! I also think it’s better walking practice than the traditional walker!

3. Jumper

I have the Baby Einstein jumper and AJ still plays with this! I got this toy from one of my cousins (she had it for her daughter). At first, AJ still needed to grow into it because he hadn’t gained full control of his movements and would sit in the jumper as if not knowing what to do. The look on his face would be HILARIOUS!!! Then I got the idea to put a blanket behind him so he will fill the space better. Once I did this, AJ got moving!!! He would play and jump and squeal and play some more! Now that he can crawl (and has mastered it!) he does not want to sit IN the jumper, but he will crawl up to it and play with the toys attached. He especially likes the red bird and the spinning thing with the tiny balls. He loves noise! This is a GREAT toy for physical and cognitive development.

4. Play Mat

As AJ started to become more aware of HUGE world around him, I wanted to get a play mat. This way he could lay on the floor and practice moving around more while playing with toys hanging above him. I think these are perfect for getting your little ones ready for exploring and becoming more independent by moving around more on their own. This helps them develop those gross motor skills (rolling over, scooting, etc.) and fine motor skills (grabbing at the hanging toys). As I was looking for play mats (focusing on LOW prices) I came across a play mat that had a piano for baby to kick while lying on the floor. I thought this was awesome because now the baby can build strength and coordination in the legs, too! After seeing this, price wasn’t much of an issue any longer. I HAD to get this mat for my baby! I got the play mat out of Walmart, and it’s $50 in there! You all can get it on Amazon for just $30 here!!! I didn’t realize play mats were so expensive anyway! I was going into this thinking $10!!! Boy was I off!

AJ enjoyed this toy also. When I got the play mat, he would kick a little bit and look around. He was basically checking things out! As he got older, he would kick that piano like crazy. The piano plays little songs when you hit the keys. If you hit the keys fast enough before a song starts, you can play little jingles on your own. You can set it to where it just plays the notes and not the songs. AJ also loved pulling on the hanging toys. He favorite was the one that sounds like paper wrinkling. He still plays with that one now! As a matter of fact, he still plays with ALL of it! The best thing I love about this play mat is that it grows with your baby! Now that AJ is sitting up and crawling, I can turn the piano so that AJ can sit in front of it and play as if really playing a piano!! When he begins to walk and play, he will be able to carry the piano around as his own little musical instrument! As you can tell, I LOVE items that GROW with your baby! It makes it worth the money and worth the time because it will be used for each stage of growth and not just one!

5. Baby Rocking Chair

I came across this item when building my baby registry. I was looking for the bouncy seats knew I just wanted a simple one. They make them so complex now, and I know for a fact that the simple ones are perfectly effective. As I was looking for a simple bouncy seat, I saw this seat. It’s not a bouncy seat, but a rocking chair. When I looked at its features, I added it to my registry instead of continuing to find a bouncy seat. This would work much better! Why? My favorite answer: It Grows With Your Baby!!!

This chair acts as a rocking chair and can be used the same way you would use a bouncy seat, AND it can also be a regular chair that doesn’t rock! This is perfect for feedings! AJ is almost 9 months old and I haven’t bought a high chair yet because I use this chair to feed him. And not only does this chair change from a rocking chair to a regular chair, it can be used by your child even as they become toddlers and little preschoolers!!! Their own little chair, from birth to preschool!!! I LOVE items that will last me for years and I will get my use out of it for all of those years!

Bonus Item: Crawl Around Car

This item is my bonus item because this is the item I WANT! (lol) My little AJ is so active and mobile and I just know he would LOVE this toy. I love that it is educational and promotes motor skills. Plus, he can have his own little CAR as he grows! Once I get it (hopefully really soon!) then I will update this post on how I REALLY like it and how AJ enjoys it!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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