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Baby #2 (Amauri) 2-Month Update


When Amauri was born he weighed 5lbs 6oz. At month he weighed 7lbs 8oz. Now, at 2 months he weighs 9lbs 2oz. He’s still small for his age, but he’s growing quite well!!! I’ve noticed and come to terms with the fact that I have small kids!


Amauri is still breastfeeding and doing very well with it! I had to supplement at first after bring him from the hospital because he was small (4lbs 11oz). After few weeks, I stopped supplementing with formula because he was getting extremely gassy and I didn’t want to keep putting him through that. Of course, I stopped drinking dairy milk as much, too.

He was picking weight pretty good, so I felt okay putting an end to formula. I know a lot of moms use and depend on formula, but hate it. It served its purpose and I’m glad it’s there whenever, if ever, I need it, but I’m also glad to go back to straight breastmilk.

Amauri nurses about every 2-3 hours for about 15-20 minutes on each boob. With a bottle of breastmilk, he drinks about 3-4oz.


Amauri is already on a great sleeping schedule! AJ had to be kept awake during the day at 3 weeks old to get him on track and he’s been on track ever since. Amauri came out of the womb already on track! He wakes up 1-2 times through the night. AJ’s bedtime is around 7-8pm and Amauri goes to bed around the same time! Every now and then he will fuss until around 9pm. He wakes up around 11pm-12am, but sometimes sleeps through to 3am! He definitely wakes up every night for his 3am feeding! After his feedings and diaper changes, he straight back to sleep! Amauri wakes in the mornings around 7-8am.


When Amauri was born, the newborn clothes swallowed him and he was wearing premie diapers. Now, the newborn clothes are tight on him, and I have begun packing them up and unpacking the 0-3 months clothes. I’m just so proud of my baby and his growth! Amauri has moved on from premie diapers to newborn to now size 1 diapers.


Amauri is very much alert now and follows us with his eyes as we move around the house. He is also smiling now, mostly at my husband (LOL). He loves his dad already! Amauri coos and makes noises as if he is already trying to continue a conversation with us! He has great head control and can roll from his side to his back.

Amauri looks as if he is more aware of his surrounding and more observant of his family. His big brother AJ certainly loves hanging out with him and Amauri is starting to not mind so much!

Keep Track Of It All

I have three things to help me keep track of my kids’ growth. The first is my growth and development chart, which you can download here. As my babies reach each month, I fill in the chart. I keep close track of their weight and other measurements because I have a baby scale and the flexible tap measure.

The second way that I keep track of my kids’ growth is taking pictures! Easy, right?? I basically have a photo shoot each month in the same pillows and chair and now write out their info on a dry erase board. I include the dry erase board in the pictures so that I’ve automatically saved their measurement info just in case I forget later and need to go back and look! It’s in the photo!

The third thing is once I’ve taken photos in the week, I upload them to Tinybeans. This app organizes my photos and lets me document growth and developmental milestones. You can try Tinybeans Premium here for FREE! Enjoy and you’ll LOVE going back and seeing your photos of your baby from when he was born to now! Best app ever!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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