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Feeling Pretty After Childbirth

Pretty in Pregnancy

Both times that I was pregnant, I didn’t feel that pretty. Especially with all of the gross discomforts that come with pregnancy. Have you ever looked at those pregnant moms that look all dolled up and think to yourself “she’s walking around like a top model and know she almost peed herself a few moments ago” (LOL)

The truth is, I’ve always wanted to be pregnant and actually look like I never dealt with a single pregnancy issue. Instead I would rock the messy-hair-don’t-care look, throw on the easiest outfit (nightgown), and stretch out on the couch (if I could) and eat potato chips. I felt so uncomfortable so I did what I could to reach some level of comfort. Looking like a beauty queen was nowhere on my to-do list.

But when I gave birth this second time, things changed! I felt really pretty and wanted it to show! Maybe it’s because the discomforts are gone and I can finally embrace my new post-baby-#2 body and do things I just couldn’t do when I was pregnant. So, now that I can do more things again, I want to feel and be that cute mama! Why not my kids AND their mom be cute??

Also, I have been so much more confident this time around and raising two kids for the first time has been easier than I thought it would be. I want my confidence to show. Anyone else, feel the same???

Plus, with all these boys in the house, I believe the biggest part of my wanting to feel pretty is trying to keep and maintain some femininity. With all these guys, I want some time to do my nails, do my hair, give myself a facial, or take a spa-type bubble bath. I want to walk around and smell like flowers or a sweet fruit. So, what did I do?

I hit up Bath and Body Works.

Well, actually, I pulled out my Bath and Body Works products that I already have and actually used them. This is how…

We all know about Bath and Body Works and all the smells that capture us as we walk past the store. Well, if you’re like me, you may walk in and end getting overwhelmed with all the varieties and not sure what to even get, other than everything! If you want to narrow it down, especially if you are shopping when there isn’t a sale going on, I have some best options below!

The Top Five Bath and Body Works Items You MUST Purchase :

1. Face Sheet Masks

Rejuvenate your skin buy getting a mask that come in several options. My advice is to try one and try a different scent next time. Go through them all until you find the one (or two) that you like best. Hey, you may like them all!!!

2. Bath Soaks

I am a big fan of relaxing in the bathtub. My mommy time wouldn’t be “mommy time” without a hot relaxing bath! Bath soaks that are meant to relax you and reduce your stress levels make “mommy time” all the more important. In other words, you want your bath to be meaningful. Is washing not meaningful enough??? It is, but relieving stress and actually ENJOYING a soothing bath is the icing on the cake! Don’t you like icing???

Bath and Body Works have so many options with bath soaks and bath fizzes, but I prefer the actual soaks oppose to the fizzes. To me, fizzes seem a little preschool (even though I LOVE bubble baths LOL more on that in a bit).

3. Body Scrubs

During pregnancy, you may need a little help (let’s be real) scrubbing those hard to reach areas around that growing belly. Now that the belly is gone (mostly), You can reach those areas on your own! I love body scrubs because I LOVE exfoliating! I just feel even more clean and fresh after exfoliating. Bath and Body Works have a plethora of scents in body scrubs that exfoliate and freshen your skin! Like I said before, try one or two scents first and go through and try them all over time and decide on your favorite (or favorites).

4. Body Washes

This may seem like a given, but the body wash works great as your “bubbles” for a bubble bath. That’s TWO-IN-ONE!!! The bubble baths come in similar scents, so why not get the body wash and use it as body wash AND bubbles! Are you excited about “mommy time” yet???? I am!!!

5. Body Sprays

This may be another given, but YES! You have to top it all off with a little fragrance spray! You now have a fresh, glowing face, smooth exfoliated skin all over, and now to carry and project that ‘feel good’ feeling everywhere you go!

Tip: As you pick out each product, try to get each one in similar scents. That way you don’t have a mixture of scents going on at once. You can bathe, exfoliate, and spray and keep the same “scent theme” (yeah, I just made that up). Then on your next shopping trip to Bath and Body Works, get your products in another scent to try!

Bonus: Best Home Care Item (@ Bath and Body Works)

1. Room Sprays

Their room sprays are concentrated fresheners that work better than any of those grocery story air fresheners! Plus, you have the best scents to choose from! So, not only can you look and feel pretty, your home can smell just as great! Nothing like cleaning your home and topping it off with Vanilla Sugar spray! A clean home that smells like fresh baked cookies!!!

But remember, Bath and Body Works has some great sales and you can catch some discounts NOW by clicking HERE!!!

Happy Pampering!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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