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Homemade Baby Smoothies!

As a part of my meal prepping for baby AJ, I’ve also started making his juice. It’s more of a smoothie than juice because it’s not just juice. It’s smoothies that I would drink myself, just more water added to make it more of a juice texture for the sippy cup. The smoothies are the whole fruits and veggies, not just juice which is filled with sugar and no fiber. This way, AJ can get all of the nutrients just like eating it from a bowl with a spoon, but also in a cup. He drinks his veggies, too!!!! The first time I tried it, I didn’t know for sure if he would like it, but he took one sip and reached for more! I felt so happy and proud, and just felt like a good mom.

I was taking good care of my baby and giving him nutrients from several sources and teaching him to like different things. That was a good morning! So, now I no longer give him water, but instead a baby smoothie. Babies drinking water only fills them up with no nutrients. If my baby is going to be full, I want it to be from something nutritious. So, AJ gets breastmilk, baby food, homemade pureed food, some table food, and smoothies. I say he’s one healthy kid! I pray that he grows up to enjoy veggies (unlike myself). Here is how I prepare his smoothies:

Baby Green Smoothie

1. Place a small amount of frozen fruits and veggies in Nutribullet container (apples, mangos, pineapples, bananas, spinach).

2. Fill container with water up to the “Max” line.

3. Run the Nutribullet and add a little more water and run again.

4. Pour baby smoothie into sippy cup to serve or chill in the refrigerator and serve later.

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Amy McCutcheon

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