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How To Create The Perfect Routine

I am naturally a unorganized person! I’m that person will have clothes everywhere, dishes stacked up to the ceiling, papers spilling over and causing a mini-avalanche (be still a major disaster! Lol), and still can look right under a stack of junk mail (and random sock) and find the exact receipt I’m looking for! So, when others call me organize I can’t help but to look at them strangely (usually like they’re CRAZY) and think, “ME??? ORGANIZED????? NO WAY!!!” But this goes to show how a few simple steps can get you on the road to organization and it starts with the perfect ROUTINE!

The perfect routine is not one specific routine in particular. It’s actually the very routine that works JUST FOR YOU! So, that means everyone will have a different routine from others, but it will be the routine that works best for you. I start with a routine in order to get organized because with a routine, you can plan out your chores and your to do list and gradually build an organized home (and work space). For those of you with children, I understand the STRUGGLE of keeping a clean and neat home. I only have one and he’s under one and his stuff is EVERYWHERE!!! (lol)

With a routine, you can schedule specific times that work for you each day, each week, and each month to get certain things done. No more making a to do list that’s mile long and feeling like you have only one day to get it all done and you end up getting nothing done at all. My first tip would be 1. Don’t overload yourself. You will stress yourself out and feel like a failure if you pile too much on to get done. It will feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to get it all done, and guess what…there isn’t!!! So, when planning your schedule, don’t plan so many things all at once. Try scheduling things that you can EASILY complete and only plan for up to 3 of them in a day. Depending on how bad you are to sticking to a routine, go for up to 3 things to complete for the WEEK until you really get into the HABIT of your routine.

If things are still not getting done and you are still feeling overwhelmed, then cut your to do list from 3 to maybe one thing to get done each day or each week. Do what works. Your routine should be filled with things you want to get done EVERYDAY and then time set aside to complete your to do list. My next tip would be 2. Set aside time everyday to complete your to do list. Make your to do list small, no more than 3. If you are really bad at organization and getting things done for whatever reason, start with only one thing at a time like I did. Sometimes, make it 1-3 things per week. The point is to get things done, not stress yourself out. That only makes it worse.

Consider what all you do every single day and what time you do those things every single day. Use this to 3. Create a daily schedule. What times do you do certain things everyday like get up in the mornings, go to work, cook dinner, etc. Write out a schedule around what you already do every single day. The spaces where there are no set thing that you do every single day, make that time to spend with your family, time for yourself, or time for your To Do List. For me, I get up every morning at 6am to nurse and get ready for work. By 7am is when I plan to leave the house every morning for work (although it doesn’t always work out that way! Lol) I get off at 3:45pm, my husband drops AJ off at my job, and I head home around 3:50pm. I usually get home around 4:10 or 4:15pm. Now, between 4:15 and 7:30pm is where I don’t have any set thing that I do, so this time is open for me to schedule what needs to get done. I have an example of how I scheduled in my To Do List below.

Once you’ve created your daily schedule, 4. Follow the schedule every day. This is the part that requires discipline. Mark off or check off each task as you complete it every single day. It’s okay if you still do not get everything done on the list the first few days. Focus on making it a habit to check your schedule and complete what’s next and marking it off. Marking off completed tasks helps you feel accomplished and motivates you to keep going and to stay on a roll. You also keep up with what else there is to do and how much you’ve done so far. As a mom, if it is difficult to complete multiple things in a day, like I mentioned before, decrease your To Do List to 1-2 things.

Also, you can 5. Schedule certain tasks for certain days. For example, I have a hard time keeping up with laundry and I absolutely HATE piled up laundry. So, I created a schedule for laundry. Each day there is a specific load of laundry that needs to be washed. For example, Mondays are darks and Tuesdays are lights, Wednesdays are baby clothes and Thursdays are work uniforms and so on. So, on my daily schedule, laundry is one of my daily tasks and I have an assigned load for that day. This way, laundry doesn’t pile up (when done right), and I can go some weeks without having to do laundry every single day because it’s all caught up. I have a similar concept with grocery shopping.

Once all of this is done, just remember to stay disciplined and stick to it. It will be a major life-saver and time-saver because you can plan out your day and plan your time for chores, time with your family, and time for yourself!

Click below for FREE daily routine/schedule printables created by ME just for YOU!!!!

Download the schedule printable that works best for you, place in a sheet protector, use a dry erase marker to mark out tasks each day, and erase every morning for a new day!!! Place on your refrigerator, office, kitchen wall, or where every you would like so that you always see it!

Daily Routine/Schedule

Daily Routine/Schedule2

Daily Routine/Schedule3

Daily Routine/Schedule4

Daily Routine/Schedule5

Daily Routine/Schedule6

Daily Routine/Schedule7

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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