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Journey To Work From Home: A Failed Interview

My Journey To Work From Home Experience

I have been striving to work from home for the past few years now. The idea that I can actually be home with my children and still work sounded like the perfect plan, but honestly, it also sounded far-fetched. I’ve heard of people working from home, but I had never known anyone in person to work from home. It just seemed like one of those things that “other people” get to do.

I wasn’t in an area where work from home opportunities came easy and frequently. My original search for work from home work led to scams that promised enormous amounts of money, but the catch would be to pay. Pay to WORK? Next!!!

Then I got the idea that I could teach from home. I started applying to places like K12 and Connections Academy and looking for other online schools. I put in tons of applications and re-applied and re-applied and came up empty-handed until I came across

I got hired on with and it was good work, but I didn’t enjoy it. To be working full time and part-time at home, I wanted something I could at least enjoy. I would have been more enjoyable if I wasn’t working full time on another job. It required a lot and you have to make sure you meet the daily requirements. I just wasn’t able to do that.

I tried finding other work from home work and then the children came along. That’s when I really started to pick up my work from home search and searching for work that I could do while tending to my kids during the day.

I kept applying, still with hopes to work from home and to not have to worry about leaving my kids everyday anymore and be a big part of their growing and development. With these hopes, I had a co-worker tell me about VIPKID. You work from home teaching Chinese students English.

I applied and failed miserably on the very first interview. I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. I didn’t realize there was a technique to the company’s instruction. I tried again a few months later and passed the interview! I then moved on to the second interview which involved teaching with a current teacher pretending to be my student.

I passed the second interview! I did pretty good and felt very confident about finally working from home. I was 8 months pregnant with Amauri and was putting a work-from-home classroom together! I made it to my third interview which was the same as the second, but I was supposed to apply the feedback from the second interview.

In the third interview, I didn’t do a very good job of applying that feedback. I tried to remember the feedback, but I soon realized that remembering the feedback was not the same as actually applying it. I failed the third interview, which was the interview that determined whether I was hired or not. I was so disappointed. I cried. I worked so hard, but screwed it up.


I could have felt defeated, but the thing is, I had made it to the last level and failed, so now I knew what the entire interview process was like, what exactly was expected, and exactly what I needed to do to get completely through the hiring process.

I waited a few months (after Amauri was born) and tried once again! I made it through the first interview with flying colors! I reached the second interview and it was terrible. At least I felt like it was terrible. I made a few mistakes but I got really good feedback from the mentor. I was good enough to make it to the third interview.

This time around, I decided to really take the feedback and really apply it. I practiced and worked on the things I struggled with. I practiced and practiced and practiced. I logged in for my third interview and did really great! The mentor had a lot of positive things to say about my lesson and it sounded like I may have aced it.

I left the interview feeling really good about it and hoped I actually made it. In about an hour after the interview, I got an email saying I PASSED!!!!!

With this position, I can build up my clientele and work from home FULL TIME! I am so excited and look forward to being home with my family, take care of my home, and still do what I love!

If you are interested in working from home and don’t mind setting your own work hours having fun teaching students how to speak English, CLICK HERE to apply! Email me and I will be more than glad to help you through your interview process!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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