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My Fav Homemade Drinks

One of my favorite things to do is enjoy a good drink. And I don’t mean alcoholic. I mean the kind that you can enjoy with your kids! Here are a few of my favorite drinks that others love for me to make or what I enjoy during pregnancy:

Blueberry Lemonade Smoothie

One part blueberries

One part lemon juice (or half lemons/half lemon juice)

Combine in blender of your choice


As you will see, I’m not very big on measurements! I like to be creative with my cooking, so I leave lots of wiggle room for customizations by not limiting my recipes to measurements. I have measurements on some things to give an idea of about how much to use, but please use the measurements that will make each dish enjoyable for you!!! I sure do!

This blueberry lemonade smoothie is my favorite smoothie because it is easy (which they all are, but this one has only 2 ingredients) and the taste just makes me sooooo happy with every sip!!!

Benefits: Filled with antioxidants and vitamins!

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade

Half gallon of water

Lemon juice (to desired taste)

Frozen strawberries

2 cups sugar

Pour lemon juice into half gallon of water (pour as much for your desired taste).

Pour in 2 cups of sugar.

Blend frozen strawberries with water in a blender of your choice.

Add pureed strawberries to lemonade.

Add more water as needed to bring entire combination a gallon.

Stir and Enjoy!!!

Blue Pineapple Punch

1 jug of Blue Hawaiian Punch (dark blue)

1-liter bottle of Sprite or 7up

1 can of pineapple juice

Combine in large pitcher or punch bowl



I love this drink simply because I LOVE punch and LOVE the taste of this one!

Benefits: Great for baby showers for “it’s a boy!” and it just tastes really good!

Green Sherbet Punch

1 half gallon box of green sherbet ice cream

1-liter bottle of ginger ale

Combine in large pitcher or punch bowl



I learned about this one when I was still in college and had a gathering at work. My supervisor made this punch and I fell in love with it! I asked her how to make it and I’ve been making it ever since! Family and friends also really enjoy this punch, too. So much so that they ask for a second batch to be made!!

Benefits: It’s good and great for parties and gatherings!

Warm Milk & Honey

1 glass of milk

2 tbs of honey

Pour honey into milk


Heat until warm


Benefits: Great for heartburn during pregnancy!

Raspberry Leaf Tea

1 teapot of boiling water

2 tea bags

Boil water with tea bags

Turn heat down and let tea bags simmer (10 min)

Pour into small pitcher

Add sugar (2/3 cups)



Benefits: Tones and preps uterus for labor and delivery (think shorter and less pain!)

Milk Chocolate Coffee

Make black coffee (no creamer or sugar)

Add a scoop (1tbs) of hot chocolate mix

Add sugar as desired



Benefits: Morning pep from the coffee with a hot cocoa flavor, best of both worlds!)

Orgain Fudge Shake

Pour one carton of Orgain in a glass

Add chocolate syrup for taste



Benefits: Jam-packed with vitamins, fruits, veggies, and chocolate taste! I use the chocolate syrup to drown out the “healthy” taste. Don’t judge me!

Mother’s Milk Cocoa

2 Tea bags in boiling water (like making regular tea)

2 packs of hot cocoa mix (placed in a cup or mug)

Pour hot tea in cocoa mix (instead of hot water)



Benefits: Helps increase milk production when breastfeeding. The tea itself is the most disgusting thing I have ever drunk (grosser than medicine), but mixing it with hot cocoa mix was a life saver! Get the benefits and actually enjoy it!!

Homemade Strawberry Slushie

1 can of Bacardi Daquari frozen mix

Half a can (use Daquari can) of lemon juice

Crushed ice (for desired consistency)

Blend together in blender (add more ice or lemon juice as needed)


Benefits: This recipe calls for Rum (for an actual Strawberry Daquari frozen drink, but I use lemon juice instead. This is a GREAT non-alcoholic treat, especially if pregnant during the summer!!!

Bonus: Cookie Dough Milkshake

Desired amount of ice cream (any flavor you like)

2 cups of milk (or as desired)

Combine in blender of your choice

Add milk or more ice cream if needed for desired consistency


Benefits: A happy mommy!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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