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My Journey Pt 1

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The Race To Motherhood

For some women, motherhood isn’t much of a journey other than planning a pregnancy, surviving through the pregnancy (smiley), and birthing the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen. Others may actually have more of a journey, meaning there were even more obstacles to hurdle over. Either way, reaching motherhood really is a journey and a wonderful one at that! Although during the journey some of us would beg to differ!

My journey took about 2 years. I thought I would be one of those women that could plan a pregnancy and 9 months later, out pops a kid! Why did I think that? Well, I have family that didn’t seem to have any problems having children. I mean, our family is filled with children, and there’s never a dull moment at family gatherings! But I learned that looks really are deceiving.

Planning A Family

My husband and I got married in 2012 and had already decided that we want to be just a married couple for at least 2 years before having children. We wanted to enjoy married life and make sure we had everything in place like we wanted. That included my husband getting a job closer to home to help cut travel expenses (paying for gas everyday to drive an hour to work and an hour back home 5 days a week and sometimes 6 days), purchasing our first house together (selling the house I already owned which is expensive in itself!), and building up a savings to prepare for the surprises that children bring.

Well, when my husband got the call that he received a position at a company 15 minutes from our new home that we moved in to a month earlier, and I had picked up a few more clients for my tutoring, I cried tears of joy because everything was working out perfectly and it meant we could start planning for children! I was so excited! I had gone from being that little high school girl walking out of class after seeing child birth video saying, “I am NEVER having kids!” to the college teacher assistant at a daycare saying, “This job is the perfect birth control!” to being a married young lady thrilled about being a mom!

Making Babies Is Easy…Right?

I think those phases that I went through were perfect and helped me to have children when the time was right! Children are a lot of work and I wanted to be smart about it. So, 2014 everything was working out just right and we were ready to start our family! We started right away because I had a plan for when I wanted my baby to be born! As a school teacher, having a birth in May was ideal since it’s at the end of the school year and I could spend the whole summer off with my new baby. I downloaded the apps, printed out a calendar, tried different positions and wah-lah! I was pregnant! That was easy!! But it turned out it wasn’t as easy as it seemed…

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Amy McCutcheon

About The Author

Amy McCutcheon is a loving wife to Angelo McCutcheon and mom to two boys, AJ and Amauri McCutcheon. She is the creator of A Supermom’s Journey, a blog about motherhood and all that it entails. You can read more about the journey at  Amy is also an educator and teaches middle school ELA and reading. She also teaches English online to ESL students in China. Amy is also the creator of the YouTube channel A Supermoms Journey and runs a tutoring service called AR Learning where she tutors students ages 4-18 in all core subjects and helps adults with obtaining their GED, college entrance essays, resume writing, and document proofreading. You can book an appointment at Amy is in ministry with her husband. They run EBT Ministries which is an outreach ministry to help believers truly understand Yah’s (God) word and the truth about being a child of Yah. You can learn more about the ministry at Amy is the creator of the blog GMEL (God, Marriage, Education, Life) where she writes about what Yah’s word says about life for a woman. To continue to read, go to

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