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My Journey Pt.3

A Joyous (And Painful) Pregnancy

This third pregnancy brought me so much pain and sickness, but so much excitement and joy!! I had morning sickness so bad that I couldn’t even laugh or I would have to run to the toilet! I was in bed most of the days and only got up to use the bathroom, throw up, or eat (whatever I could keep down!). I could only eat a few things because not only was it hard to keep things down, a lot of foods I loved now tasted disgusting to me! I hated meat and rice. Fruit was my friend. I munched on chopped strawberries with lemon juice sprinkled over it, diced pineapples, and apple slices. As each week went by I would notice that I was still pregnant, no spotting, and pregnancy symptoms were still in full effect! I made it to my much awaited doctor’s appointment!

The Most Nerve-Wracking Appointment

At my prenatal appointment for this pregnancy, I was 11 weeks along and because of my history and having a new doctor, my nerves were shot all through the appointment because the doctor acted as if I wasn’t really pregnant! She questioned why I waited so long and I told her this was the earliest they could get me in! Her response was, “There’s ways around that.” Well, I didn’t know! Just tell me if my baby is okay! She felt my tummy and said I didn’t feel as far along as the dates said I was. My heart sank.

For some reason, I couldn’t pee in the cup (think I peed earlier and now couldn’t anymore!). So, they didn’t have verification that I was actually pregnant! I thought they were going to send me home as if I didn’t have a baby in my womb and I wasn’t at risk of miscarriage!!! The doctor finally sent me down the hall for an ultrasound. Thank you!!! There, my nerves were allowed to rest. During the ultrasound, for the first time ever, we got to see a very active little baby with a strong heartbeat and growing perfectly! Our nerves were at rest, but now our hearts were completely melted! We were in love!

You’re Having A …

My morning sickness continued until about 16 weeks, then it began to ease, but certain foods were still so disgusting to me. Eating healthy and enough was still difficult. By our 20 ultrasound, I had already decided out little baby was a boy. I felt my first pregnancy was a girl, the second a boy, and now this one a boy. We went in and the tech said she would tell us what it was as soon as she could tell and as soon as you could see the baby on the screen, it was absolutely no doubt right away that it was a BOY!!!

My husband and I dressed in blue and took pictures to post on facebook to share with family and friends the gender reveal. I had everyone take a vote on facebook before we found out. I even had a poster outside my classroom door for my students and fellow teachers to vote on either boy or girl. Many wanted to say TWINS since I was pretty big (I’m originally 5’2” 120lbs and was all belly!). I went back to work with a blue ribbon tied around my belly and when my students came down the hall at the first bell there was the craziest explosion of, “IT’S A BOY” and 6th graders cheering down the hallway!!! I was bombarded with hugs and, “I knew it!!!”

Doing Something I Will Never Do Again (LOL)

I spent the rest of the pregnancy working and getting home to SLEEP! As the pregnancy progressed, it became harder and harder for me to get around easily. I already deal with scoliosis and the weight of a big baby didn’t help. I love to walk around while teaching, but was confined to my desk chair. Gas would hit me so bad I could forget about even trying to get up! I never thought I would have a big baby since I was so small, but it looked like that’s where I was headed!

Ready To Quit!!!

I wasn’t planning on going back to work after winter break in December. Because of how the leave is set up in the education system, I had to try to go to work until labor. But it wasn’t happening. I was now sleeping on my parents’ recliner that thought brought over to me, in the living room under the ceiling fan because I could barely move and felt crushed when laying down, and was constantly burning up! It was so painful to walk, my husband had to help me to the bathroom to pee (every hour even through the night!) I tried to go back to work in January 2016 for one day and it didn’t work out well. I couldn’t get around, I felt like the baby was going to fall out of my pelvis, and everyone was terrified that I was going into labor. Plus, it wasn’t the best environment at the time for a full-term pregnant woman (think crazy middle schoolers…there you go!). So, I decided to go ahead and take my leave.

When Will Baby Arrive???

Everyone gave my husband and I the impression that the baby was going to come early because he was so big and looked very ready to make his appearance. We were hoping he would come on my husband’s birthday, but that didn’t happen. January came and gone and I was still pregnant. I had everyone take a vote again on facebook on when the baby would come, and most said some date in January. Well, it was left to those who voted on February. My due date was February 9th, 2016. I actually didn’t think I would make it to my due date because I was small and figured I would have babies around 36 weeks. To my surprise, the opposite happened!

Baby boy did not want to come!! He was extremely comfortable in his womb home, so much so that when I would scratch my itchy belly from all the stretching, he actually slapped my hand off one time!!! What??!!?? He was at home and my due date came and went…still pregnant! And no sign of labor in sight! I was having Braxton hicks, but nothing that even hinted to labor. And yes, I tried everything to try to induce my labor…nothing. Not even dilated any!!!  At 41 weeks, I went in to the hospital for induction and my baby boy was born the next day, February 16, 2016, the third Tuesday in February. That day was definitely bitter sweet. Exactly a year ago, I was having a D&C after losing a baby, and now I was holding a baby I longed for (and ached for!). It was an amazing experience. You can read about my labor and delivery in my birth story blog.

I gave birth to a very healthy 8 pound baby boy!!! My little AJ! I officially became a mommy and have loved every moment of it!!! Now, by motherhood journey has begun and this blog is your invitation to journey with me!!!

Read My Birth Story here!

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Amy McCutcheon

About The Author

Amy McCutcheon is a loving wife to Angelo McCutcheon and mom to two boys, AJ and Amauri McCutcheon. She is the creator of A Supermom’s Journey, a blog about motherhood and all that it entails. You can read more about the journey at  Amy is also an educator and teaches middle school ELA and reading. She also teaches English online to ESL students in China. Amy is also the creator of the YouTube channel A Supermoms Journey and runs a tutoring service called AR Learning where she tutors students ages 4-18 in all core subjects and helps adults with obtaining their GED, college entrance essays, resume writing, and document proofreading. You can book an appointment at Amy is in ministry with her husband. They run EBT Ministries which is an outreach ministry to help believers truly understand Yah’s (God) word and the truth about being a child of Yah. You can learn more about the ministry at Amy is the creator of the blog GMEL (God, Marriage, Education, Life) where she writes about what Yah’s word says about life for a woman. To continue to read, go to

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