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My Pregnancy With AJ

My Pregnancy With AJ

Surprise Pregnancy

As you read in my blog about dealing with miscarriage, I dealt with two back-to-back losses before even becoming a mom. Mother’s Day of 2015, I had a hard time because I wasn’t a mom (in the traditional sense of the word) and already had two pregnancies. I figured it would happen when it happen. I wasn’t going to try so hard or force a perfect pregnancy. I had deleted all of my apps and ovulation charts and calendars. Well, the following month, the beginning of June, I found out what I was completely not expecting! My period was late, so I decided to take a pregnancy test just for the heck of it. I didn’t think anything would come of it since my previous period came a few days late. I thought I would just try it out. I didn’t even tell my husband I was buying or taking a pregnancy test. When I got the chance, I took the test and INSTANTLY there were TWO pink lines!!! I was like WHAT?!?!? That wasn’t supposed to happen! It was supposed to say not pregnant, and I was going to say ‘yep, period just late.’ But this was a major twist! Immediately I panicked because I wasn’t ready for another loss, I couldn’t handle anymore pain, and I didn’t want to face yet another let down. I literally stood in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes staring at the test wanting to CRY.

I couldn’t get an appointment until I was 11 weeks along! Talk about asking for panic! I didn’t know if the pregnancy was going to last that long, if I could stand to wait that long not knowing if everything was alright or not! Somehow, I managed. I had my appointment in July of 2015 and after a long and nerve-racking visit, I finally got to see my little baby!!! And ALL WAS WELL!

1st Trimester & Symptoms

I was bugging out waiting so long for my doctor’s appointment, just hoping the baby would still be going strong. I started recording my pregnancy stats at 9 weeks since I was still pregnant and everything seem to be good. I felt more confident with this pregnancy even though I had no medical confirmation that everything was okay yet. Here is a summary of my pregnancy with AJ from 9 weeks to 41 weeks. Yes, 41 weeks!!!

9 Weeks (July 2015)

I am 9 weeks, and I don’t have an appointment until week after next!!! I’m bugging out! I hope my baby is still going strong then. I will be 11 weeks for the first appointment. I believe the baby is okay, but it’s nerve-racking not knowing for sure. I have made several changes this pregnancy that makes me feel confident:

*Changes from previous pregnancies:

-resting and napping ALL THE TIME (on summer vacation and ordered myself to bedrest!)

-eating very healthy (fruits, veggies, whole grain)

-eating at least 5 times a day (scheduling in snacks between meals)

-no baths (just showers, even though I absolutely LOVE baths)

-taking folic acid everyday (800mcg folate & 800mcg folic acid)

-taking omega-3, DHA, EPA supplement (590mg DHA, 370mg Omega-3)

-not stressed with pregnancy apps & websites

-keeping mind busy with other things (reading, games, TV shows, movies)

-not going anywhere (homebound, bedrest)

-no meds (Tylenol, cough syrup, nausea meds, gas meds, NOTHING)


-nausea and vomiting ALL the time

-tiredness, fatigue

-sore and swollen boobs

-always starving, but hard to keep food down

*Due Date: FEBRUARY 9, 2016

10 Weeks (July 2015)

Doctor’s appointment coming up and I’m so excited and terrified all at the same time! I hope all is very well. I wanted to list questions that I have for the doctor next week. This will be my first ultrasound for this pregnancy and first time meeting my new doctor (my previous doctor moved to another state). I hope she’s good.

*Questions that I had:

-How long do I take the folic acid (since tests came back that I had a mutation with production of folic acid, POSSIBLE contributor to the miscarriages)

-Is it okay that I lost weight? (from the vomiting, I actually lost weight the first trimester)

11 Weeks (July 2015)

I went to the doctor and everything went well as far as the baby goes, but my nerves were completely shot! I came home and ended up sleeping the rest of the day! I feel better, just super tired. At the appointment, they needed a urine sample to verify the pregnancy. Well, had I known, I would not have used the bathroom at home before leaving. I have hard time going again after I just went not too long before (but didn’t have that problem anymore during the rest of the pregnancy!). So, I couldn’t just pee at the drop of a hat. I couldn’t go. I just knew they were going to make me go back home I not know anything about my baby, if everything was alright or not.

My new doctor reminded me of my pediatrician, very stern. She did my pap smear and felt my uterus. She said it was enlarged (like I was lying about being pregnant!) so they would do an ultrasound (THANK YOU!). We did the ultrasound and saw the baby right away and the heartbeat! The technician said everything looked good. The baby danced and swirled and kicked and waved!!! Baby is very active! Perfect little baby. I have a baby!!! My prediction: I think it’s a boy! But until we find out for sure, I will call him Baby Boo. I’m so excited!

*First Appt:

-July 21, 2015

-measuring 10 wks 4 days

-baby 1 ½ inches long

-178 bpm

*New Due Date: FEBRUARY 12, 2016



-Folgard (folate, B6, B12) (prescribed)

*Weight: 140 lbs

*Symptoms: nausea, hunger, tiredness, constipation, sore boobs, hips out of place

*Next appt: August 18, 2015 (4 ½ weeks)(finally a 4-week appointment!)

(PIC:first pregnancy pic, first sonogram)

15 Weeks (August 2015)

Even though I am into my 2nd trimester now, my nerves are still on edge. The first day of school (I’m a middle school teacher), I cried like a little girl because I was nervous about going to work while pregnant again. I spent the whole summer resting, and I just don’t want anything to happen to my sweet little baby. The doctor’s appointment went well and fast. I didn’t know much about what to expect. We just waited on the doctor, she came in, checked the baby’s heartbeat, and that was pretty much it. Strong heartbeat still!!! YAY! So glad Baby Boo is doing so well!!

*Baby Heartbeat: 153 bpm

*Weight: 141 lbs

*Symptoms: nausea (mornings), hunger, hips out of place, tiredness

2nd Trimester & Symptoms

20 Weeks (September 2015)

This appointment was so exciting because we would find out the gender! It was the 20 week scan! I was super nervous because this would be our next chance to see Baby Boo, and I was hoping everything was developed well and that there’s enough fluid! (I’m so worrisome!) Just a nervous wreck!! Hoping I’ve been eating enough vegetables, enough food in general, and drinking enough water. Just want my Baby Boo to be okay and super healthy. I’ve been feeling Baby Boo move and felt the first kick on August 28th! I was sitting in the library while my students were looking at items at the book fair. I had been feeling flutters and tickles, but at this moment there was a sudden THUMP! I gasped with my eyes wide! I was like ‘WHOA!’ Then a second THUMP!! I jumped again. OMG!!!!! I had just felt my baby kick!!!!!! SO AMAZING!!!!!! So, I knew baby was alive and kicking, literally! Just want to make sure Baby Boo is all well.

At the appointment, we were called back for the ultrasound first. As soon as the tech pulled baby up on the screen, we knew what we were having. IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having a beautiful baby boy!!! Before we got to the office, I felt very strongly that we would find out the gender right away and that it would be a boy. I already felt it was a boy all along and I could see Angelo (my husband) saying “That’s my boy!” after seeing his boy part! (LOL) And that is EXACTLY what happened! The tech pulled up the screen and said, “Oh, I already know what it is!” We both looked and sure enough, as clear as day, it was a boy! Angelo said, “How can you tell?” and the tech pointed to the penis on the screen and Angelo said, “That’s my boy!” Just as I imagined it!!! The tech checked the measurements and development of everything and all looked great! Brain is good, kidneys, heart strong, arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, toes, all looks wonderful!

Baby BOY is still very active and we saw his mouth, no cleft lip, and he had turned over and put his fingers in his mouth! (funny because he still puts his fingers in his mouth!) SO SWEET!!! My precious little baby! We got great pictures, too! My healthy, strong, active little boy! I had blood drawn next for tests. The doctor came in and said everything looks good. I’m so HAPPY!!! And so EXCITED!!! I’m ready to go shopping now!!!

*Gender Reveal: It’s A Boy!!!

*Baby Weight: 10 oz

*Baby Heartbeat: 158 bpm

*Weight: 141 lbs


-no more nausea!

-hip dislocating



-out of breath

-heavy stomach

-skin stretching (I could feel it!)

-belly button flat

-short temper

*Baby Purchases: nursing pillow

*Baby Gifts/Freebies:

-gift cards


-sample pack of wipes

-1 pacifier

-1 pair of socks

-stuffed Elmo

*Baby’s Name: Angelo Maurice McCutcheon, Jr. a.k.a. A.J.

24 Weeks (October 2015)

At my 24 week appointment, it was nothing new. Everything looked good. I was progressing well. The doctor listened to the heartbeat on the doppler. In August, I bought my own doppler and listen to the baby’s heartbeat whenever I want! Read my post here about my experience with my own fetal doppler. When listening, I hear all of the kicks, too! I even feel them all the time now! I can feel him roll over, push, kick, punch, and even hiccup!! My stomach moves and bounces and it’s CRAZY!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! He is active all of the time, and it makes me so happy. My doctor told me that my next appointment will include my glucose challenge which will test for gestational diabetes. I think it is time to pick up the pace on baby shopping! I have my registries set up and planning the baby shower with my mom, best friend, and cousin. My co-workers are also throwing me a shower. I’m so excited! And nervous hoping we have everything we need before Baby AJ gets here!!!

*Baby Heartbeat: 153bpm

*Weight: 150 lbs


-hip pain/dislocating



-shortness of breath

-heavy stomach

-cramp beside belly button

-stomach stretching/pain (tight)

*Baby Purchases:

-(2) 3-pack onesies

-3 boy onesies

-3 boy pants

-4-pack boy bibs

*Registries: Target, Walmart, Babies R Us

3rd Trimester & Symptoms

28 Weeks (November 2015)

This appointment was very interesting, but easy. The doctor measured my belly and the baby’s heartbeat. A strong 150. I also had to take the glucose test where I had 5 minutes to drink a bottle of what looked like water but tasted like fruit punch flat soda, or flavored water. I drunk the bottle(in 5 seconds) and was told I would be called back in an hour to get blood drawn. Since the waiting room was super, super packed, we got in the car and drove up the road to Buy Buy Baby and looked at strollers and carseats. We had a sales rep demonstrate everything to us, and my husband and I realized there were a lot more to these baby items than we thought. We had to stop and make it back to the doctor’s office for my blood drawing. We got there and in 5 minutes, they called me back and drew my blood. It was very quick and I was back out and was informed that I could now eat. Yeah, I had to fast since 8 hours before the appointment until the procedure was done. I was starving. Baby AJ is getting so big! And is still very active! You can really see his movements from my belly and his strong kicks! My husband can even put his ear to my belly and hear AJ’s heartbeat!! And him swooshing around! We are so excited!!!

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 150 bpm

*Weight: 152 lbs


-leg cramps



-dislocating hips

-minor constipation




-round ligament pain


-body pillow/chiropractic care (dislocating hips/sciatic pain)

-stretching & Smart Water/bananas (leg cramps)

-eat a snack every hour (headache/dizziness)

-warm bath & probiotics (constipation/hemorrhoid)

*Cravings: potatoes (mashed potatoes, potato salad, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, roasted potatoes)

*Baby Purchases:

-2 packs of newborn diapers

-1 pack of wipes

-3 more onesies

*Registries: Walmart, Target, Babies R Us, BUY BUY BABY

30 Weeks (December 2015)

Today’s visit to the doctor was a quick and simple one, but an interesting one. Everything is all well, but my doctor informed us that she will no longer deliver babies after December. So, the search is on again for a new doctor. Uuuggghhh!!!! Plans for the baby shower are coming along well and I’m so excited! We also have our birthing class coming up this week! So excited!! Everything is winding down to the wonderful big day! Ten more weeks!!!

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 146 bpm

*Weight: 153 lbs


-round ligament pain



32 Weeks (December 2015)

This appointment was very short, sweet, and pleasant. After the doctor measured my belly, she stated that I have a large baby! We asked about doing another ultrasound and she told us that we wouldn’t have another one until 37 weeks but we can move it to 34 weeks since he is large. So, the next appointment we will see our little AJ again!!! With the ultrasound, we’ll get to know how much he weighs! So EXCITING! That was it for the appointment, but it has been a very interesting two weeks. After the last appointment, we took a two-day birthing class that weekend. (I highly recommend taking classes before the birth of a baby, especially before the first baby.) It was really informative, and Angelo and I learned so much about the birthing process. So much so that I need to adjust my birth plan. We learned relaxation and breathing exercises to help cope with pain of contractions. I’m actually going to try to go without the epidural. Never would have thought! This past weekend we had our baby shower. It was a great turnout and lots of fun! We got lots of gifts for baby AJ, and I feel closer to being ready for his arrival! There are just a few things we still need, and I will make a list. SO EXCITING!!!!!

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 146 bpm

*Weight: 156.5 lbs (original weight: 138 lbs)




-round ligament pain


*Original Waist Size: 32 in.

*32 Week Waist Size: 41.5 in.

*Belly Height: 16.5 in.

(PIC: baby shower pics)

34 Weeks (December 2015)

I had my last appointment with my current doctor and will have the rest of my appointments with the doctor starting in two weeks. We did not have the ultrasound we thought we were going to have. It wasn’t scheduled, but is DEFINITELY scheduled for next appointment.

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 150 bpm

*Weight: 161 lbs

*34 Week Waist Size: 41.5 in.

*Belly Height: 16.5 in.

36 Weeks (January 2016)

Today’s appointment was awesome! We did the ultrasound and got to see our little boy again! He is so much bigger than he was 16 weeks ago of course. He was practicing his breathing, poking his lips out, moving around, and got a head full of hair!!! MY SWEET BABY!!! Everything looked great! He weighs 5 lbs 4oz and I didn’t catch his height. He has DROPPED and his head is way down!!! As he dropped, it caused me a lot of upper stomach pain as my lower belly is now pulling on the upper part. I had called the hospital and was told to drink plenty of water and rest and if it got worse to call back or go to the emergency room to get checked. It was that bad, but didn’t get worse. Had me CRYING. Hurt even to adjust in my seat! At the appointment, the doctor checked my cervix and I haven’t dilated yet. Hopefully soon!!! I haven’t been back to work because I was in just way too much pain. I will try to go in tomorrow. We shall see how it goes. I really want to save my sick days but we’ll see if I’m able to make it. Can’t wait to see my little AJ!!!

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 150 bpm

*Baby AJ’s Weight: 5 lbs 4oz

*Weight: 165 lbs

*New Symptom: upper stomach pain

*Waist Size: 44 in.

*Belly Height: 16.5 in.

*Babymoon: Date and activities planned!!

(PIC: AJ sonogram, pregnancy pic)

37 Weeks (January 2016)

All is well this week! Got checked for dilation and it was AWFUL and still not dilated! I had a list of problems in order to get a not from my doctor for maternity leave, but as soon as I said I need to be put on leave because I couldn’t handle work anymore, she said “Sure!” What? Wait! That’s all I had to do???? I still went over my list though. Everything normal. I got my letter and now the babymoon begins!! Since I’m unable to get around well, we’ve planned an at-home babymoon! So excited!!!

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 147 bpm

*Weight: 172lbs

*Waist Size: 44 in.

*Belly Height: 16.5 in.

*Cervix Dilation: 0 cm

38 Weeks (January 2016)

Today’s appointment was in and out. Still no dilation. Zero centimeters. But cervix is soft! Come on baby AJ! We are waiting for you!!!

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 140 bpm

*Weight: 172 lbs

*Blood Pressure: 116/60

*Waist Size: 45 in.

*Belly Height: 17 in.

*Cervix Dilation: 0 cm


-nose bleeds

-finger/toes joint pain

-pelvic pain

-hip dislocating/pain

-feet swollen

-hands swollen

-back of neck swollen

-shoulders swollen

-belly super heavy

-eye twitching (right eye, very annoying)


-nesting (like crazy! Even in my classroom! LOL)


-Braxton Hicks contractions

-tailbone/lower back pain


-abdomen discomfort (like menstrual cramps)



-dizziness (low iron)

-frequent urination

39 Weeks (February 2016)

Another in and out appointment. My doctor noted that I’ve gained a few pounds, baby’s heartbeat is in the 150’s, and still no dilation. She mentioned that she hadn’t dilated yet when her water broke with her birth so I wouldn’t feel discouraged. We’re just playing the waiting game now!

*Baby AJ’s Heartbeat: 155 bpm

*Weight: 175 lbs

*Waist Size: 45 in.

*Belly Height: 18 in.

*Cervix Dilation: 0 cm

40 Weeks (February 2016- When is AJ going to come already???)

Today’s appointment was short and sweet. We did some planning for AJ’s arrival. I am still not dilated so the doctor asked if we wanted to schedule an induction or give him another week. Angelo and I had just talked about this, and I expressed that I would give it another week then SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE! So I told her another week. So we scheduled an appointment for the next Monday and if we make it to then, we will schedule an induction then. So either way, we are within days of holding our precious little boy!!! EXCITED!!!!!!

*Baby’s AJ’s Heartbeat: 155 bpm

*Weight: 176 lbs

*Waist Size: 45 in.

*Belly Height: 19.5 in.

*Cervix Dilation: 0 cm

41 Weeks (February 16, 2016)

AJ IS BORN!!!! Read about my birth story here!!!

Also, ready about my journey to motherhood here!

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