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Not Enough Hours In The Day!

You would think that with a 5 day weekend that there would be plenty of time to get things done or even get caught up on tasks that have been piling up. Well, I’m here to tell you that is not always the case! Sometimes, there’s so much to do that it doesn’t even feel like time off, like there still isn’t enough hours in the day to get to it all!

My alarm went off early this morning at 5:15 am like every morning during the week. The only difference this time was that I didn’t have to get up (yet) because we are out on Thanksgiving break (I’m a school teacher). So, I started my long weekend not by hitting the snooze button 50 times like always, but by hitting the “dismiss” this time and happily going back to sleep. Great right? Well, baby AJ is on schedule and he’s sticking with it! No matter how much I want to sleep in! Wait, I don’t even know how that works anymore…sleeping in…that’s still a thing???

At 6:15 AJ wakes up for his early morning feeding. I nurse him and get really excited when he goes back to sleep! Instead of going back to bed, I decided to take a nice hot bath since I knew I would be able to once AJ woke up, and it would be a great way to start my fall vacation. I start the water in the tub and gather my towel, my smell-goods, my reading materials, and phone and then there it was…the sound AJ crying over the baby monitor. Not even 20 minutes since I laid him down.

I then had to choose what to do next. Do I let him cry it out and fall back to sleep on his own? Well, no because I wanted hubby to get his sleep since he had to work overtime. Otherwise, daddy-duty would have began right away! (LOL) Do I let my bath water out and just hope for another opportunity at some later time? No, because the tub is already half full, that would be a waste of water. Let’s see how he does hanging out by the tub. I can still enjoy a relaxing bath and AJ will be in the company of his favorite mommy!

So, I grabbed his swing chair, propped it by the tub, strapped him in, pushed it the get the swing going, and actually enjoyed a relaxing hot bath! AJ quietly rocked back and forth for about an hour just watching me. Eventually, he began to get fussy and as I was preparing to get on out, he grabbed his paci, put it in his mouth, and settled back down! WOW! He had just soothed himself!!! I was very impressed! I looked at him and said, “good job, Buddy!” If he were old enough, I would have given him a sticker! (teacher moment) I was very proud!

I got dressed, and AJ and I started our day. We settled in the living room where I began to try to make sense of the chaos called a messy house. I managed to fold some baby clothes, organize the kitchen to make it EASIER to clean, put AJ down for a morning nap, and did some “work from home” work. At around 10 am, I made and fed AJ some oatmeal. He LOVED it!!! I wanted to bake some apples to chop up and give him, but that didn’t happen. AJ was very content with the oatmeal, though. I wanted to make sure I fed him sweet potatoes and nurse often because he has a little cold. Or at least I think it’s a cold. His eyes are really watery and running and his nose runs a little. Nursing and naps seem to help. Sweet potatoes (super food) are great for fighting off colds.

AJ continued to play and even spent some time with daddy before he was off to work. He took an early afternoon nap around 12pm after laying his head on my lap and falling asleep all on his own. (Another sticker!) I laid him on his lamb mat on the floor just to avoid him waking up from feeling me put him down in the crib or play pen. Yes, he is going through that phase where he wakes up when you try to put him down!

While AJ napped, I ate my first meal of the day! (breakfast at noon) I was supposed to be getting ready to head to my parents’ house, but I wasn’t ready yet and it seemed like time was already getting away from me. Do you all ever feel like you always run out of time, but don’t get anything done?? Was I really getting things done and it just didn’t seem like it or was I somehow wasting time??? What I need to do is stick to my routine even on my days off. I bet I could get TONS done that way!

I spent the rest of the afternoon with my mom after AJ woke up from his nap (a whole 20 nap!). I was debating whether or not I should still go since it didn’t seem like I got much house work done, but when I looked around, there didn’t seem to be too much to do. If only I had enough hours in a day to clean the house, do homework, blog (yes, this is work), manage bills and budget, read magazines, read email, read what I actually save on Pinterest, watch YouTube subscription videos, play with AJ, spend time with hubby, and all the other million things I have to do.

My mom and I got in a mini-workout and I got a little discouraged at first. Any of you moms ever felt like you were just stuck in this new body and would never reach your goal body??? I had a moment of discouragement when the Wii Sport fitness analysis results came back saying my fitness age was 65 years old!!!! I know this isn’t accurate at all, but WOW! Way to build someone up!! But I’m motivated again and want to try out the Xbox Kinect Sports since it requires actual physical effort. I play it every now and then, but I want to try it consistently to see if it will help boost the weight loss and loss in inches more.

After returning home, I put AJ to bed, cooked dinner, and fell asleep while typing up a blog post. Of course I drug myself on to bed afterwards. But this was my day. Some victories and some loses. But this is life. It doesn’t make it a bad one because of the loses. And the victories may not be very big ones, but they are still there! They were still won! Being a supermom means that at the end of the day, even if it looks of FEELS like you’ve been defeated, you still keep going. Your victories add up, and they also outweigh the loses. And the thing about loses is that you now have another day to prove victorious over them. I may feel like I didn’t get much done, and boy do I wish I had more hours in the day, but my baby soothed himself quiet so I could wrap up my bath and get dressed without the stressful crying, I found a way to help fight off his mini-cold, I captured a great video of AJ playing with his dad, I spent some time with my mom and we got a mini-workout in, and I fell asleep knowing I am the best mom that I know how to be to my sweet little AJ.

Welcome to the life of a SuperMom!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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