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Photography Mom: 100 Photos For Less Than $5

I absolutely LOVE taking photos of my son, and Groovebook is the app I use to print my photos from my phone. This review post explains just how SUPER it is!

I now all of you moms have a ton of pictures of your kids. Especially you brand-spanking-new moms like me! You have a ton of pictures and they’re all probably piled on your phone and/or camera! You may have even tried to take new pictures of baby’s first steps or something really priceless that your child is doing and you’re greeted with the “STORAGE FULL” message! If you’re like me, you’ve probably gone a few days without taking pictures or videos and when those priceless moments come up, you can only soak in as much as you can to memory because you already know your phone or camera is full, all because you haven’t figured out what is the best way to free up your storage space and keep your memories. Well, I hope this review helps with your photography needs! It certainly helped me, and it was SO EASY!!!

I’ve tried several ways of printing my photos. First there was the old school routine of dropping of the film roll at a local store to get “developed” and picking the printed photos up a few days to a week later. Then there was the digital printing with inserting the memory card and printing the photos on the spot in a Walmart or CVS. But what if you can’t make it out of the house for a photo printing trip, especially with a little one? There’s always the option to print at home, but the way ink prices are set up…that would just be too much ink for the amount of pictures needed to print. Well, I have a solution that will be as helpful to you as it is for me!

I found out through Pinterest about a photo app called Groovebook. You print 100 photos every month for ONLY $2.99 plus about 25¢ tax. I downloaded this app and Groovebook is the SAME PRICE every month! Just $2.99 plus tax. You just upload your favorite photos as you take them, and your pictures are sent to you automatically every month!!! If you choose to print more before the next month, you then pay about $3 extra in shipping which is much better than printing in a store or paying for ink to headache through printing your own.

I love that Groovebook has a subscription type setup. You sign up, upload your photos and process the printing. You can upload your photos as you please and by the end of the month’s subscription, if you have at least 40 pictures uploaded, your Groovebook is automatically printed and shipped!!! If you reach 100 photos before the end of the month, you can print then or wait and let it print automatically at the end of the subscription month. If you decide to go ahead and print, you process the printing and wait for your photos to arrive in about a week! Once this is done, you can start preparing and uploading photos for the next month!

The $2.99 per month is automatic and all you do is print pictures every month. As long as you print up the 100 pictures each month, $2.99 plus about 25¢ in tax IS ALL YOU PAY! No extra shipping and handling. If you order another set of 100 photos within the month, then you have the shipping to pay which is about $6 altogether! If you want to reorder a book, you can whenever you like, and it is also still $2.99. You can also add others to your subscription so that the pictures you print will also be sent to them!

The quality of the pictures are not the absolute best because they’re not printed on glossy photo paper, but they are still PERFECT for photo albums, memory books, scrapbooks, or you could just keep the pictures in the Groovebook! The Groovebooks have the grooves so you can easily tear your pictures out and place them in albums. Since the photos are uploaded from your phone, the date of each photo is also printed on the sides of the photos. This is great for keeping your photos in order!

This process helped me so much! I was able to clear the storage space on my phone and have all of my photos in my hand without paying an arm and a leg. My first book was $2.99, and I printed 3 more books so I could delete photos off my phone. Altogether it cost me around $23 to print 400 photos! This is what I like, a big bang for my buck!!

Your FIRST Groovebook is FREE. If you are also a believer in paying less for MORE or just like great things for FREE, then SUBSCRIBE HERE, and I will send you the code to get an ADDITIONAL Groovebook (100 photos) for FREE! NO SHIPPING!! NO TAX!! Just upload, submit, and wait on your pictures to show up at your door!!! THAT’S TWO PHOTO BOOKS FOR FREE!!! SUBSCRIBE NOW!

To download the app, go to Enjoy your photo books each month!

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