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Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: Wk 1

Hey everyone! I am writing this post because I am new to the whole weight loss thing, and I need the support and also want to BE some support to others! I am jumping on the weight loss bandwagon sort of late after giving birth. AJ is 7 months old! Honestly, I thought the weight was literally going to fall off. I know, I know! You all are like, “Amy, really? WHY would you think that?!!” Well, I’ve seen other family members go right back to their pre-pregnancy weight with almost no effort, plus I’m breastfeeding, and everyone says that weight loss is easy if you breastfeed. Well, I have learned that just because you are family doesn’t mean you share all the same genes!! Also, I learned that breastfeeding doesn’t just shrink you back to original size all on its own. Now that I’ve come to these realizations, time for the CHALLENGE!

Just to give some background, I spent my entire life not having a weight problem. I actually wanted to GAIN weight! I absolutely LOVE curves!! In high school, I weighed about 115lbs. I had a point where I wanted to tone up (not lose weight) and I worked at it, pushed myself, and met my goal! I had toned legs and the cutest six-pack! In college, they tell you about the FRESHMAN 15 where you gain 15 pounds the first year of college. Well, it affected me. I actually LOST 15 pounds!!! College freshman and 100 pounds! I really hated that I lost so much weight so suddenly! As I said, I love curves. I figured all of the walking across campus was the culprit. I was trying to figure out how to pick the weight back up. My parents would tell me to not be so anxious to gain weight and ENJOY my size. So I did and eventually my weight gradually picked back up on its own over time.

My stable weight became 120lbs. I was happy with this and just focused on enjoying myself as I was before I reached the point where I would want LOSE weight (now). Before I had AJ, I had two previous pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. The first pregnancy, my weight stayed the same, but the second, my weight sky-rocketed to 140lbs!!! I was shocked, but actually liked how the weight looked on me! My husband liked it, too! So, I was happy with 140 being my new stable weight. I just needed to tone up and get back into shape. I was out of shape, TERRIBLY!!! But before I could get myself together to work on getting in shape, I found out about my pregnancy with AJ! And instantly the morning sickness hit me! I couldn’t do ANYTHING! Plus, after the previous losses, I wanted to be very careful.

I actually lost weight in the very beginning. By the end of the pregnancy, I was 176 pounds!!! I gained 36 pounds! I gained 56 pounds from pregnancy altogether!!! WOW! That’s just crazy looking back at it now! So, now AJ is here and it’s time for me to get back in shape. After his birth, I dropped down to 158 pounds, but somehow gained it back and landed at 164 pounds and froze right there!!! Yes, I thought the weight was going to fall off, but I have been trying to figure out a workout plan. It just hasn’t worked out! Now, I think I have something together that I like. My current “mini” goal is to figure out a great MEAL PLAN to help reach my overall goal listed below. If you have some tips or suggestions on meal plans for weight loss, PLEASE SHARE!!!

I have completed my first official week of working toward my goal. It has been a pretty good week. I have had progress, but I want to work and push harder! If I can get this meal plan going, keep AJ occupied, and stay consistent I can meet my goal! Below are my fitness stats for my first week!

My Post-Pregnancy Fitness Challenge Week 1 Progress

My Workout

-Walking 2 miles 1-2 times/week

-Tae Bo 4-5 times/week (I love Tae Bo! It’s active, motivating, and TOUGH!!!

My Meal Plan

-Breakfast (granola bars, orange juice)

-Lunch (turkey sandwiches, kool-aid) I am in SERIOUS need of a true weight loss meal plan

-Dinner (various combinations, and sometimes frozen pizza-TERRIBLE! Motherhood is a FULL TIME JOB!)

Starting Weight Loss

164 lbs

40 in.

Week 1 Progress

162 lbs

38 in.

Goal Weight Loss

140 lbs

30 in.

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