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Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: Wk 3

This past week was the perfect example of what NOT to do when trying to lose weight. Let me just start with my excuses before I get into the details of my progress. First, I’ve been trying to find things that work for me like meal plans and smoothie recipes (not even close to a good excuse). The other is that because of Hurricane Matthew coming through, our schools were shut down for evacuaees to use as shelter. We were out for 3 days plus the weekend! That’s 5 whole days of a much needed break! So what did I do during that time? Definitely not working out!!! It would have been the PERFECT time to get massive workouts in, but I chose to be LAZY and lay around and play with the baby and spend time with the hubby. So, still not the best excuse to skip out on my weight loss challenge, but the time I spent with my little family was MUCH NEEDED, and I must say, worth it.

Now I wouldn’t encourage this if you are the type to take a break and NEVER get back to it until years later!!! I’m depending on you all to keep me accountable and motivated!! I did two workouts in week 3 and managed to find lots of smoothie recipes! I also started meal prepping! I prepped my meals for this week which makes life easier for me when coming home from a busy day with middle schoolers to a super active 7 month old that always wants ALL of my attention (especially since he hadn’t seen me ALL day!). I’m also getting back into drinking more water. I’m excited to see how week 4 is going to turn out since I’m even more motivated and got meals under control (for the most part)!

Check out my progress for week 3 below! I have 8 more weeks to go!!!

Goals Achieved:

-Continue full-body workouts X

-Find a meal plan that includes smoothies, breakfast, and lunch ideas

-Drink more water

Goals for Week 4:

-Continue full-body workouts 4-5 times/week

-Eat veggies 5 times/week

-Follow prepped meals

-Drink smoothies for breakfast

-Lose 3 pounds

-Focus on abs, lose an inch

-Drink one 33oz bottle of SmartWater/day

My Post-Pregnancy Fitness Challenge Week 3 Progress

My Workout

-Walking 2 miles 1-2 times/week

-Tae Bo 4-5 times/week (I love Tae Bo! It’s active, motivating, and TOUGH!!!

-Keaira Lashae 4-5 times/week (alternate with Tae Bo)

My Meal Plan

-Breakfast (chocolate banana smoothie)

-Lunch (veggie & side prepped meal)

-Dinner (veggies, protein prepped meals)

Starting Weight Loss

164 lbs

40 in.

Week 1 Progress

162 lbs

38 in.

Week 2 Progress

160 lbs YAAAAYYY!!!!!

38 in.

Week 3 Progress

162 lbs gained 2 lbs back =(

38 in.

Goal Weight Loss (week 11)

140 lbs

30 in.

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