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Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: Wk 4

I have learned this week that weight loss dieting is everything! I’ve heard before that weight loss is 20% workout and 80% diet and how what you eat is the biggest part of weight loss. I’ve heard those things and thought, okay, okay, but I never really took it seriously. This week, it all made sense to me! I finally get it! Just to give you all a heads up, I met my goal for this week of losing 3 pounds! And I didn’t even workout this week!

Temporary and Permanent Dieting

For most people, when you think of dieting you think of eating less, starving yourself, being extremely hard on yourself, and beating yourself down whenever you just THINK about Krispy Kreme! Well, I did a tiny bit of that this week. But it was just to get myself disciplined. I am a FIRM believer in what I call PERMANENT DIETING. This is where you change your bad habits over to good habits. In other words, you change from unhealthy habits to healthy habits. And I truly mean HABITS. So, this doesn’t mean you starve yourself for 6 weeks and then celebrate your results then go on a crash junk food diet and you’re back where you started. Permanent dieting is where you change over to healthy and good habits for LIFE.

My “dieting” started really from me working so much and taking care of my little AJ that I simply forgot to eat. (Yeah, that happens!) Also, my husband and I are firm believers in the Bible and observed the Day of Atonement starting from Tuesday evening and ending on Wednesday evening. This biblical feast requires a fast. Since I’m breastfeeding, I didn’t think it would be wise to completely fast, so I ate fruit for lunch and drank water in order to keep my fluids up. The remainder of the week, I just ate simple and continued with my smoothies for breakfast. By Thursday, I noticed the drop in weight. I reached the 150s!!!

My ending weight for week 4 is 159 pounds!!! I didn’t even get to workout this week! My breakfast consisted of smoothies or a granola bar with orange juice. I heard that granola bars are not the best for you, but I have a box full and they need to be eaten! For lunch I ate fruit or leftovers. For dinner I ate things like a baked potato with greens, chicken with rice, or frozen pizza (not the best choice either, but a freezer full, so…). I ate dinner by 5 o’clock and if I got hungry later in the evening, I would go to bed!

Now, what I did this week is NOT exactly what I would suggest. I’m sharing it because this is the process I took to understand that eating healthy, eating light, and eating at THE RIGHT TIMES makes such a big difference in weight loss! I used to get super full around 9 o’clock and then go to bed!! MAJOR NO-NO!!! But with this principle in mind now, all I have to do is add my workout and I think I am on my way to meeting my goal BEFORE time!!!

With this workout, (which I believe I did some with all the walking I do all day at work)my focus is definitely my abs. I’m not sure what’s going on with my abs, but I looked up and saved some workouts for diastasis recti on my pinterest. All I know is my abdomen seemed to have gotten BIGGER!

Check out my progress for week 4 below! I have 7 more weeks to go!!!

Goals Achieved:

X -Continue full-body workouts 4-5 times/week

X -Eat veggies 5 times/week (4 times)

A -Follow prepped meals

A -Drink smoothies for breakfast

A -Lose 3 pounds

X -Focus on abs, lose an inch

X -Drink one 33oz bottle of SmartWater/day

Goals for Week 4:

-full-body workouts 4-5 times/week

-Eat veggies at least 5 days/week

-Continue prepped meals

-Continue drinking breakfast smoothies

-Lose 2 pounds

-Focus on abs, lose an inch

-Drink one 33oz bottle of SmartWater/day

My Post-Pregnancy Fitness Challenge Week 4 Progress

My Workout

-Walking 2 miles 1-2 times/week

-Tae Bo 4-5 times/week (I love Tae Bo! It’s active, motivating, and TOUGH!!!

-Keaira Lashae 4-5 times/week (alternate with Tae Bo)

My Meal Plan

-Breakfast (chocolate banana smoothie)

-Lunch (veggie & side prepped meal)

-Dinner (veggies, protein prepped meals)

Starting Weight Loss

164 lbs

40 in.

Week 1 Progress

162 lbs

38 in.

Week 2 Progress

160 lbs YAAAAYYY!!!!!

38 in.

Week 3 Progress

162 lbs gained 2 lbs back =(

38 in.

Week 4 Progress

159 lbs LOST 3 pounds!!! =D

39 in.

Goal Weight Loss (week 11)

140 lbs

30 in.

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