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Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: Wk 5

This week I learned the concept of maintaining healthy habits! This is why I do not believe in the traditional sense of “dieting”. A change in what you eat should be for the better and for good. Not some temporary moment of torturing yourself, all to fail and go right back to bad habits.

I have been working on keeping up with managing my eating and making a routine and habit out of it. There’s no eating at random times just because (no reason), or over eating just because there’s food there or just because…

I still need to incorporate my workout plan, but at the moment I’m trying to get a handle on the diet part of my weight loss. When I realized just how much the food contribute to weight loss, I knew I needed to perfect my diet and make it a diet that I will enjoy from this point on. It also needs to be something that will promote good health and help keep fat off.

I suggest these tips:

1. Create a routine- Get into an eating routine. Plan your meals so that you eat at certain times of the day everyday and not go beyond a certain point in the evening (at least not to make it a habit-I was bad at eating tons late at night). Follow this routine each day until it becomes a habit. Always include breakfast to get your metabolism going for the day!

2. Drink your vegetables- I looked up smoothie recipes a few weeks ago because I know how effective smoothies are. You all types of nutrients all jammed packed in a glass! It’s easy and you can include all of the things that you need. You can make fruit smoothies and throw some veggies in there! I love using spinach. With all of the other flavors, you can’t taste the veggies, and I LOVE this because I HATE veggies!!!

3. Eat portion size- Some of us have gotten in the habit of eating full plates and feel like you are supposed to consume the entire plate of food. You are actually supposed to only eat the portion for a 1-person serving. I learned this years ago when I happened to read the label on an ice-cream box and saw that the serving size was about 1 cup. I freaked out because I was eating WAY more than that in one serving and realized just how bad people over-eat and then we teach our children the same bad habits. Know the serving sizes for what you eat and train yourself to eat your portion and be satisfied. You should eat to refuel and nourish your body, not to lead into gluttony.

As for my weight loss, I think it is safe to say that I am out of the 160s and not going back! (until next pregnancy) But I have to admit, I actually don’t want to lose anymore weight because I feel good and I LOOK good. But I’m continuing on because I want my weight at 140 by the time I start planning for more kids! I don’t want to keep adding weight on to previous pregnancy weight! Just the thought of that frightens me terribly and makes me feel a little panicky! But the weight is coming off and that’s great! I’m also glad I actually feel great! I thought I would never feel this way again!

Check out my progress for week 5 below! I have 6 more weeks to go!!!

Goals Achieved in Week 5:

X -Continue full-body workouts 4-5 times/week

A -Eat veggies 5 times/week

A -Continue prepped meals

A -Drink smoothies for breakfast

X -Lose 2 pounds (lost 1 pound)

X -Focus on abs, lose an inch

X -Drink one 33oz bottle of SmartWater/day

Goals for Week 6:

-full-body workouts 4-5 times/week

-Eat veggies at least 5 days/week

-Continue prepped meals

-Continue drinking breakfast smoothies

-Lose 2 pounds

-Focus on abs, lose an inch

-Drink one 33oz bottle of SmartWater/day

My Post-Pregnancy Fitness Challenge Week 5 Progress

My Workout

*Walking 2 miles 1-2 times/week

*Tae Bo 4-5 times/week (I love Tae Bo! It’s active, motivating, and TOUGH!!!

*Keaira Lashae 4-5 times/week (alternate with Tae Bo)

My Meal Plan

-Breakfast (chocolate banana smoothie)

-Lunch (veggie & side prepped meal)

-Dinner (veggies, protein prepped meals)

Starting Weight Loss

164 lbs

40 in.

Week 1 Progress

162 lbs

38 in.

Week 2 Progress

160 lbs YAAAAYYY!!!!!

38 in.

Week 3 Progress

162 lbs gained 2 lbs back =(

38 in.

Week 4 Progress

159 lbs LOST 3 pounds!!! =D

39 in.

Week 5 Progress

158 lbs

38 in.

Goal Weight Loss (week 11)

140 lbs

30 in.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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