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Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: Wks 6-7

I have combined weeks 6 and 7 because these two weeks have been very difficult for me in this weight loss challenge. It has been the most challenging to stay motivated. With my goal deadline approaching, and my weight seeming to be at a stand still, and my belly seeming to have a mind of its own (and a defiant mind at that!), plus trying to figure out and make time to workout with a full time job and coming home to an 8 month old that wants nothing to do with anything but YOU, not to mention just sitting down to eat…it gets pretty tough. This post will be about keeping your motivation during weight lost.

Growing up, I used to wonder what was the big deal about losing weight. I mean, you eat right, exercise and the weight comes off. How hard is that??? I couldn’t understand the struggle and why people were looking so hard for things that promised overnight results. That didn’t even seem realistic and I couldn’t understand why they hated exercising so much. NOW I KNOW!!!

I don’t hate exercising per-say. For me, it’s just making the time and building up the energy to do so. I would love to come home from work and get a great workout in. But after spending about 9 hours with middle schoolers, meetings, deadlines, lesson plans, fighting with the copier, then get home and my little AJ wants my COMPLETE attention (since he hasn’t seen me ALL DAY and I can’t pass that up), by the time I get a chance to get somewhat of a workout in (after feeding and getting AJ into bed and tidying the house), I’m pooped, ready for bed, and struggling to even stay awake!!! Working out is the last thing on my mind.

So, I’ve spent these past two weeks struggling with this. But don’t worry! I’ve regained my motivation and I am going to GO HARD for these last few weeks of my weight loss challenge! But these past 7 weeks have been a BIG eye opener on weight loss and I TOTALLY GET IT!!! Some of you may remember the mom that posted a pic of herself (very fit) with here three kids and added the statement “What’s your excuse?” and moms everywhere were outraged and felt insulted, disrespected, and even discouraged. I was one of the people saying, “What’s the big deal?? If you workout you can look like that, too!!! Nobody is trying to put you down! Stop being LAZY!” WOW. I was definitely NOT a mom yet! I completely understand that mom’s point. She was showing that even as a mom of THREE you can be fit and look AWESOME! But now I understand the other moms’ points of views because it’s easy to achieve that when you’re a STAY-AT-HOME mom (which is my DREAM JOB!), but what about those of us working FULL-TIME JOBS away from home and then come home to be FULL-TIME MOMS & WIVES and everything else!?!? It’s HARD!!!!

But I will say, IT IS POSSIBLE!!! And here’s how…

1. Discipline

This is the hardest part. Discipline is so hard, but so necessary. In order to have self-control and to meet your goals, you have to discipline yourself. You have to train yourself to say no when you need to say no and to get up and workout when you don’t want to. It is so easy to give in to ourselves and to what’s comfortable. Discipline helps us make those uncomfortable (but required) things healthy habits despite how we feel. I would start small and set goals that you know you can reach. Stay focused on those goals no matter what. Take it one day at a time. Teach your body and your mind that it can’t always have what it wants, especially if it will cause more harm. Keep in mind that you need to take care of your body. It is your temple. You should care for it and treat it as such.

2. Research

If you are lost or just have no clue what to do or where to start, RESEARCH! There are so many resources out there available online that there really are no excuses! We still come up with them, but with discipline we can achieve any goal! If there is a certain area you want to focus on, there’s resources just for that particular area! You can check out my Pinterest workout board to see the particular areas I’ve saved for myself! My focus is my abs right now since I just had a baby. I needed certain tips for it and ways that help meet my personal needs. What works for someone else may not work for me. What works for me may not work for you. This is why it is important to RESEARCH what works for you and what you need. Use Google, use Pinterest, ask questions on facebook or other social mediums and you will get the help you need to get on your way! But trust me, if you don’t DISCIPLINE in place, your research won’t matter. I learned that these previous weeks. If you don’t discipline yourself to use the tips you find, you won’t use those tips!!! Get yourself disciplined then research what will work for you and get going! Part of the research may include some trial and error so don’t be discouraged!! You have what it takes!!!

3. Time Management/Routine

Develop a routine to best fit in your workouts and meal prepping. This means planning out your days and your weeks and your months! What do you want to get done each day and when? What do you want to get done for the week and which days? What do you want to get done for the month and how often? This will help you manage your time and stay on track to reach your goals. Plus, this will help you with disciplining yourself. Stay on a schedule so that it becomes a habit and your everyday routine without even having to think about it. I will have a post about routine really soon. If you want certain things done each week, or want to achieve certain goals, develop a routine. Draft out how you really want your days to go, what you want to get done, and schedule them. As you complete each item, mark them off. Be sure to print and place your routine somewhere not only you can see throughout the day, but others can see also in order to help keep you accountable!

4. Include the Kids

Have your kids workout with you! Feed your kids what you should be eating! Everyone should be a part of eating and living healthy. I have an infant, so he’s still eating baby food, but I can still feed him some of what I eat, just puree it in the blinder, or like me, the Nutribullet. This really comes in handy when your kids want to eat what you have, so now you have some for them! Also, get them involved in the working out. This is great not only for your motivation (and not having to worry about how to occupy your kids while you workout), but it sets the perfect example for your kids and starts them on the right path to healthy habits from the very beginning. If your kids see you working out regularly and they are involved, they grow up thinking that it’s just a part of life and that you workout just like you get up and brush your teeth! So, make positive choices for yourself and your health AND for your children by simply including them!

5. Make It FUN!!!

Okay, so NO ONE wants to do anything boring. Not just kids. Adults either! We love FUN, also! So find workouts and foods that are fun and enjoyable to you. You will be more willing and excited to complete what you need to if it is fun for you. I tried to do a workout that was designed for you to do with your baby and it was so extremely BORING!!! I was better off doing a regular workout and just carrying AJ as I did them. He thinks that’s more fun, too!

Check out my progress for weeks 6&7 below! I have 4 more weeks to go!!!

Goals Achieved in Weeks 6&7:

X -Continue full-body workouts 4-5 times/week

A -Eat veggies 5 times/week

A -Continue prepped meals

A -Drink smoothies for breakfast

X -Lose 2 pounds (lost 1 pound)

X -Focus on abs, lose an inch

X -Drink one 33oz bottle of SmartWater/day

Goals for Week 8:

-full-body workouts 4-5 times/week

-Lose 3 pounds

-Focus on abs, lose an inch

-Drink one 33oz bottle of SmartWater/day

My Post-Pregnancy Fitness Challenge Weeks 6&7 Progress

My Workout

*Walking 2 miles 1-2 times/week

*Tae Bo 4-5 times/week (I love Tae Bo! It’s active, motivating, and TOUGH!!!

*Keaira Lashae 4-5 times/week (alternate with Tae Bo)

My Meal Plan

-Breakfast (chocolate banana smoothie & granola bar OR toast/scrambled eggs)

-Lunch (turkey sandwich or leftovers)

-Dinner (veggies & protein prepped meals) Check out some of my meals HERE!

Starting Weight Loss

164 lbs

40 in.

Week 1 Progress

162 lbs

38 in.

Week 2 Progress

160 lbs YAAAAYYY!!!!!

38 in.

Week 3 Progress

162 lbs gained 2 lbs back =(

38 in.

Week 4 Progress

159 lbs LOST 3 pounds!!! =D

39 in.

Week 5 Progress

158 lbs

38 in.

Week 6 Progress

157 lbs

38 in.

Week 7 Progress

158 lbs

38 in.

Goal Weight Loss (week 11)

140 lbs

30 in.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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