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Super Pregnancy Nutrition

What I Hated

While pregnant with AJ, I started having food aversions in the first trimester and they stayed the entire pregnancy. The following foods are the ones I could not eat during my pregnancy because it either made me sick or it was absolutely disgusting to me:

Meat (except fish)

Yellow rice (disgusting after taste)

What I Craved

POTATOES!!! Baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, potato salad!

Occasionally I would crave my spicy foods (I always love spicy food anyway) and fruit. I went through a strawberry phase until I got sick of them and then a green apple phase until I got sick of them!

I also craved tons of spinach and collard greens and turnip greens and mustard greens. Mostly spinach. Lots of spinach. My husband doesn’t care much for spinach so I had spinach all to myself.

My Food List

I became very conscious about what I ate and wanted to make sure it was extremely healthy. I looked at it as whatever I ate, my baby would eat, so what did I want my baby to eat? I wanted him to eat vegetables. I wanted him to eat anything that would give him all of the nutrients he needed to thrive and didn’t have unhealthy things added to it. Below is a list of the foods I ate.







-SPINACH (frozen)

-collard greens

-mustard greens

-turnip greens



-green beans


Meats (when I could handle it)

-meatballs (beef)


-chicken tenders

-fish, salmon


-mashed potatoes

-roasted potatoes

-baked potatoes

-baked sweet potatoes

-potato salad (especially)

-macaroni & cheese



-water (SmartWater)

-Orgain protein shake (chocolate)

-lemon & blueberry smoothie

-fresh lemonade

-orange juice (w/calcium/vitamin D)


-salad (romaine & iceburg lettuce)

-chips & salsa

-bagel & strawberry cream cheese


-eggs (w/Omega-3 fatty acids)

-cereal (w/almond milk)


-Nature’s Plus prenatal vitamins (LOVE THESE)

-Omega-3/DHA (liquid)

-Folgard (folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12)

My Sample Daily Meals


-Oatmeal & fruit

-Orgain protein shake


-Fruit (apples/strawberries/peaches/oranges)



-Omellette sandwich & fruit



-Popcorn (no butter)



-Spinach & baked potato



-Chips & salsa


I’m not saying that these are perfect meals. This is just what worked for me and my cravings. I tried to keep eating every few hours because if I went too long, I would feel like I was dying of starvation and that made me feel like I was depriving my baby. In actuality, the baby was probably fine. He probably got what he needed and I was just left starving like I hadn’t eaten anything in 9 months!!! I’m interested to see if I have different or similar cravings in my next pregnancies!

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