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Top 3 Baby Carriers

Part of staying active and getting things done is being able to effortlessly carry your baby around! In order to do that, I will share my top 3 baby carriers that you MUST have starting from newborn on up to toddlers! After having kids, we all need to strengthen our core anyway, right???

While I was pregnant with AJ, I already had in mind what baby carrier I wanted. I didn’t want to carriers that looked like I was going on a hiking trip! They looked heavy and painful! But, of course, I was about to be a first-time mom, what did I know??? Nothing apparently! I would eventually find out and realize that those hiking-trip-looking carriers were not what they seemed.

What I really wanted was a baby wrap. I wanted this because it looked more comfortable for me and the baby. The baby could snuggle and be close to me, and I could effortlessly move around and get chores done! So, one day, I was in desperation because I did not have my baby wrap and AJ was already here! I needed to get things done around the house, but he wanted to stay in my company. So, I ordered a wrap from Target so I could pick up about 30 minutes later. I picked it up, came home, watched a few Youtube videos on HOW to wrap it and found it was a piece of cake!

I got AJ all wrapped up and off to clean I went!!! He was so comfy in there that he would go to sleep. I got to the point where that’s how I would put him to sleep! He would get fussy, I would put him in the wrap and go clean up or fix something to eat and he would be out in no time! Lay him in the bassinet and I go sit down and eat! Nice, right?!!

Once AJ continued growing, I realized the wrap wasn’t working anymore. It would start to droop and instead of AJ being at my chest area, he would drop down below my belly. It was like being 9 months pregnant again!!! So, I had to look into a baby carrier that I didn’t really want, but found it was exactly what I needed!

I went and bought a carrier that can be carried on the front, on the side, on the back, with baby facing forward or baby facing inward. I like variety all in one item! It’s like paying for several things at one LOW PRICE! This carrier actually was very easy to use and wasn’t heavy or painful. This one was even my husband’s favorite carrier. Yes, he used the carriers, too! I believe the carriers helps out dads more than it does the moms! Plus, I think it’s a great sign of a SUPER DAD!!!

Baby carriers are very helpful to moms and even dads! They are comfortable for babies and help them to still be close to you without you struggling with a stroller when in a hurry or keep them soothed while you tidy the house. My carriers really came in handy during quick trips to the store or Open House Night at work (I’m a middle school teacher)!! Plus, it was a great way to draw parents to the classroom when you have cute little baby strapped to you!

Below are the carriers I recommend!!! There’s actually 4, but you only need 3!!!

1. Baby K’Tan Baby Wrap Carrier (perfect for premie and newborn)

2. Moby Baby Wrap Carrier (perfect for newborn and infant)

3. Infantino Baby Carrier (perfect for infant up to 15lbs)

4. Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier (perfect for infant/toddler up to 33lbs)

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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