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Weight Loss Plan 2018

With just having a baby in November, I will be starting 2018 off with the weight loss goals like everybody else! My goals for 2018 are to lose 30 (pregnancy weight) and return to a flat tummy.

After giving birth, I lost 10lbs, so I have another 30 to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight. Now, I know it’s common for people to have goals like lose weight in one month or three months. Well, it took me 10 months to gain 40lbs so I’m taking 10 months to lose the remaining 30lbs.

I’ve had weight loss and fitness goals before that I’ve met and below are some tips on what worked and how I plan to lose the weight this time. Although I would prefer the weight just fall off, work has to be done instead. But it doesn’t have to be hard or miserable. I prefer to have fun losing weight this time.

Here’s how you can meet your weight loss and fitness goals for 2018, too!

1. Focus on target areas.

What are the areas you really want to focus on? Build your workout and nutrition plan and goals around those areas only. If you try to work on too many things, you may get overwhelmed, put too much pressure on yourself and end up quitting and never meeting any of your goals. My focus areas are my weight and tummy and that’s it. So, I will work on calorie burning workouts and core strengthening workouts. Simple!

2. Plan manageable and FUN workouts.

Part of my struggle with working out before was finding a workout I could enjoy. They were either boring or too hard, which made me want to quit. But finding what’s fun for you will cause you to look forward to working out, and that’s a really good thing! My workouts will include dancing and challenging myself with planks. Once again, SIMPLE!

3. Set reachable goals.

Another reason we fail at weight loss is we set unrealistic goals. Losing 30lbs in 3 months is not realistic for me. It would be totally awesome if I did, but it would also put too much pressure on me and would cause more harm than motivate me. Since it took 10 months to gain it, I’m giving myself 10 months to lose it. Another great motivator is that by the end of October, my body will be ready for my annual beach trip! See? Great timing!

4. Record your progress.

Keeping up with how well you are doing is another great motivator for working out. Start small. I like to start a workout and do it for as long or as many as I can, write it down and increase each time. For example, when I wanted to tone my thighs some years ago, I worked out on the step machine and did side leg lifts (I don’t know the technical name) and did as many as I could at first. So, let’s say I could do 20 leg lifts at first. The next day I would try to do more and more the next day. This kept me working out each day and I could watch my progress as I wrote it down! I ended up meeting my goal and had gorgeous toned thighs!

5. Treat yourself!

When you do well, treat yourself! There’s nothing wrong with it! Just don’t do things that will have a negative effect on your progress. You want to TREAT yourself, not sabotage yourself! Treat yourself to things you like. It doesn’t have to always be about food. You can do things like giving yourself a spa day, buying some new Bath and Body Works products, enjoying a movie and popcorn. What are some fun things you like to do? When you meet goals for the week or for the month, do something fun! Enjoy yourself! TREAT yourself!

6. Break your goals down into sub-goals.

My major goal is to lose 30lbs by the end of October. I have broken this down to losing 3lbs every month. Now, when I wrote this down, I didn’t write as 3lbs per month. I just broke it down to increasing weight loss. For example, whenever I lose 3lbs, I will highlight that box. When I lose 6lbs I will highlight. When I lose 9lbs I will highlight, all the way until I highlight 30lbs then the goal is met! I may lose 3lbs one month but not in another, so I can keep up with my goal little by little without any added pressure.

7. Remember, what’s done to lose weight is needed to maintain the weight loss.

When trying to lose weight, develop the mindset that what you are starting is really a new norm. Many people struggle with weight loss because they do certain things to lose the weight, celebrate, then go right back to the bad habits thinking that since they lost the weight that’s it, but when the weight comes back, so does the frustration. This is why it’s important to do workouts and eat a nutritious diet you would ENJOY because this is what you will need to continue to do to keep the weight off. The goal date if for the actual weight (when you want your weight to be at a certain place), but the workout and healthy diet continues. Diets fail for the same reason. Diets should not be temporary. When you choose to eat a certain way, that should be continuous.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a SUPER day!!!

Amy McCutcheon

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