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What They Don't Tell You About Giving Birth

Baby Blues Are Real

Before your baby arrives, you may wonder how you can possibly not be happy after you finally get to hold this precious little person. There’s a lot of responsibility and stress that comes with having a baby. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and the smiles are replaced with moments of tears, but no worries. You just gave birth!!! Your body has spent 9 (or 10) months growing a human being and then pushed it out or recovering from being surgically birthed and your hormones are all over the place and readjusting. Just keep doing what makes you happy (like hanging with friends and family or pampering yourself) and it will pass.

You Can Get Shot

They warn you about being peed on by the baby boys. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can be literally shot by both boys and girls…by POOP! From a distance!!! The struggle is REAL!!! So, be very cautious during those diaper changes, especially the late night changes when you’re half sleep!!! It comes with NO WARNING!!!

Contractions Are Indescribable

Everyone TRIES to tell you what contractions feel like, but in actuality, they are indescribable. The best I could say is really bad menstrual cramps, but that still isn’t quite 100% it. Just know that when it gets to the point where you can’t continue talking through them, it’s time to get to the hospital!!!

You Will Learn A Whole New Side Of Your Husband

You think you know your husband really well, but a baby will change game! You learn more strengths that they have and yes, even the weaknesses. They are learning with you and while you may have the natural instincts that help you care for your baby’s needs, your hubby may need more time to catch on to how to do certain things while some things may come very easy to him. It can be quite cute at times to see those moments like when he finally relaxes when holding this tiny person, but it can be frustrating at times when they sleep through all of the crying. Yes, they all do that! (LOL)

There’s No First Night Home Manual

Of course we all know this already, but I wanted to share a little of what to do during that first night home with baby. To avoid that moment of “oh no, what do I do now???” here are some questions to consider in order to prepare for bring baby home. First, before the baby even arrives, make a plan. What will you eat? Where will baby sleep? Do you have the sleeping area (crib, bassinet, or co-sleeper) ready? Do you have bottles ready? Do you have swaddles and burp clothes ready? Do you have baby outfits ready? What will be the overnight plan? In other words, will you get up in shifts and take turns changing and feeding baby? Will you and hubby have certain duties?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you are ready for baby’s first night home. Try to start your routine while in the hospital so that you and hubby are already familiar with it and so that being home doesn’t feel like such a new thing because you don’t have the assistance of nurses. You are now ready for the first night! Easy right?

Prepare For More Food Aversions

During pregnancy, you may have food aversions and hate things you once loved or love things you once hated. Well, when baby comes, prepare for another adjustment to your taste buds! For example, during pregnancy, water was the best thing ever!!! I drank bottles and bottles of it! As soon as I had both of my sons, my taste for water changed to taking an entire month to drink ONE bottle of water! And that’s forcing it down! Insane!!! (LOL) So, prepare for those changes in your taste buds!

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Amy McCutcheon

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